Evening dinner in the garden

July 3, 2015

The weather recently has been glorious. There is something about sunshine that really lifts the mood making you feel happy. There is nothing nicer than enjoying a relaxing evening dinner in the garden on a hot day. The sun is still warm enough to be nice but not so hot that it is unbearable. If you are still you might get a chance to practice your wildlife photography. We had blue tits nesting in a box at the end of the garden and blackbirds nesting in our tree. They have hatched now but the baby blackbird is still expecting his mother to feed him. I managed to capture the baby waiting hopefully for his mother. It is funny watching how he keeps an eye on where mum has gone, waiting expectantly for a worm. Quite happy to fly but not to fend for himself.BlackbirdHot days often take the edge off hunger. Meals need to be filled with taste and flavour rather than be filling. For our evening dinner in the garden I decided to bake some tuna steaks. Cooked long enough to be cooked though but still juicy and full of flavour they made the perfect dish. I served them with some salsa and some coleslaw mixed with a little chopotle paste for added flavour. I love a sauce on my tuna and I had plenty of apple and mango sauce left over from topping corn cakes. I added some chilli flakes to this to add a bit of zest and poured it over the top of the tuna.

Tuna with apple and mango sauceAll the parts of the meal were simple to make and did not involve much cooking. The apple and mango sauce was prepared by peeling and coring the apples covering with enough water just to cover them. This was simmered until the apples turned to much. Stir in some mashed mangoes and add chilli flakes to taste. This can be served hot or cold, I opted for cold as it was more refreshing. The tuna is just baked until cooked. To prepare the coleslaw and salsa the ingredients just need to be chopped. Perfect for a hot day as you do not need to spend hours in a hot kitchen.

Tuna with apple mango sauceThere is nothing nicer than having a glass of wine in the sunshine with a lovely meal. Luckily I had some i heart Pinot Grigio chilling in the fridge. It’s light crisp taste with a hint of citrus made the perfect accompaniment to the tuna. The i heart  wine range have just introduced a limited edition range for the summer with a pretty label which is a pleasure to look at while you have a glass.

I heart wine

There was plenty in the bottle so we were able to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a couple of glasses, relaxing as the evening got cooler and the birds started singing in the trees. The dog lazed in the sunshine, springing up from time to time to patrol the garden. A noise from the tree threw him into a barking frenzy until he decided it was too hot to bother and lay down again.

I heart winesI hope these long summer days stay warm for a while longer so we can enjoy more long lazy evenings in the garden. If it stays nice like this next time I will bring out the barbecue and let my husband and son cook while I enjoy sitting in a deck chair.

I was sent the wine in return for an honest review, my opinions are my own.

Joining in with the kitchen clearour linky on Madhouse Family Reviews as I used up the rest of my apple mango sauce.

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7 responses to “Evening dinner in the garden”

  1. We have been eating dinner in the garden most nights at the moment, as the weather is too nice not to. There has of course been wine too 😉

  2. Perfect summer food – cheers ! 🙂 #KitchenClearout

  3. You can’t beat a picnic in the garden, nice that you were sent some wine to enjoy with it

  4. James says:

    Nice post!
    I love to spend time and meals outdoors on my garden picnics, BBQs always with a cup of wine or a beer on warm days…

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