Essentials for travelling with dogs

March 23, 2016

Travelling with a dog in the car can be difficult. This list of essentials for travelling with dogs will help.

In a little while we are going away to Scotland. We will be staying at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park, which is a Parkdean resort. It is not far from Glasgow and based on the west coast of Scotland and meant to have stunning views across the Firth of Clyde.

We are hoping to pop across and explore the Isle of Bute while we are there as well as popping into Largs. Largs is a pretty seaside town and also home to Vikingar, a Viking exhibit. There will also be plenty to do on the caravan park itself with evening and daytime activities as well as a heated pool and sauna.

I am really looking forward to our trip. We have stayed on caravan parks before, a couple of year ago we went to Haggerston Castle in Northumberland and had a great time. I also recently had a chance to look around Whitley Bay caravan park, which is local to us and was impressed with the facilities.

One of the main reasons we like to stay in caravans is because they offer a dog friendly break. We can bring our dog, Eddie with us. It can be hard to find someone to look after him and I hate leaving him behind. I mean look at his little face, how could you leave him?

Eddie, the king charles spaniel asleep with his duck

Travelling with dogs takes a bit of planning. You want them to be comfortable in the car on the way to your destination. They also need to feel at home when they arrive at their holiday home. An unsettled dog is an unhappy dog. You also need to plan for the unexpected, like car breakdowns.

If you need to have your vehicle recovered your dog will not be allowed to travel in the breakdown van. You will need to have a way to secure them safely in your vehicle. We discovered this when we broke down on the A1 and had to have the car taken home. I have put together a list of some of the items I am planning to pack to making travelling with a dog easier.

Essential items for travelling with dogs

What to pack for your dog when you go on holiday

  1. RAC Dog Car Harness £8.99 from Pets Pyjamas
  2. Lindo Feeding Station with 2 Bowls from Pets at Home
  3. Dog Towel – this one is personalised from Pets Pyjamas
  4. Flexi Dog Lead – any pet store
  5. Honking Duck Toy – any pet store
  6. Poo Bag Holder and Dispenser – this one is from Pets At Home
  7. Luxury Faux Fur Pet Mattress from B&M
  8. Pet Water Bottle from Pets Pyjamas
  9. Dried Sausages – any pet store

One thing that is missing from the picture and that is also essential is a good car seat cover. Dogs have a tendency to shed fur and get muddy and a car seat cover will protect your car seats making it much easier to clean the car after you have been away. I have a great one that covers the whole back seat and keeps the fur at bay.

The last thing you want when you are in the car is your dog jumping around the car. The RAC dog harness is designed to work with a seatbelt so you can strap your dog in safely while you are travelling. This also prevents the dog distracting the driver. The harness can also be used with a lead when the dog is out of the car.

Whilst you are away your dog will need to eat so ensure you pack plenty of food for him. The Lindo feeding station looks perfect for feeding and watering your dog whilst you are away. The plastic base will protect the floor of the place you are staying in, making it easier to clean when you leave.

A dog towel is essential, especially if you are near a beach. If the dog gets wet you can dry him quickly and prevent him jumping on furniture. It is also handy whilst travelling. If it rains you can dry your dog quickly and it can also be used to stop fur going onto the legs of people who are travelling in the back of the car with your dog.

Dogs will need water, especially when travelling as they can get nervous and hot. I use a pet water bottle which has a stopper in the lid. The water comes out when my dog licks it but it does not spill all over the place. I take this in the car and also when he is going for a long walk.

A lead is also an essential for keeping your dog safe, getting in and out of the car and whilst going on walks in an unfamiliar place. It will ensure that he stays close to you and does not get lost. Poo bags are also essential for cleaning up after your dog and keeping the surroundings pleasant.

To make your dog feel a little bit more at home while ensure he has some treats. My dog is addicted to dried sausages. They are great treats as they can be broken up into smaller pieces to feed to him. They will help him feel more settled whilst travelling and also when he is in the caravan. I will also pack his favourite toy so he can play with it, he loves these honking duck toys and treats them like a teddy bear at times. Finally I will pack a mattress for him to sleep on. B&M has dog mattresses that are not too expensive. They are ideal for packing and if you forget to bring them home it will not be a major disaster.

Hopefully I have thought of everything that will make Eddie feel comfortable whilst he is away and we will have a fabulous break. What do you pack for your dog when you travel? Is there anything I have forgotten?

9 responses to “Essentials for travelling with dogs”

  1. We also use a pheromone spray to calm her down, and found it really works for longer journeys! she came all the way to Italy with us last summer and she did brilliant (then thankfully france and italy are way more dog friendly that UK).

  2. I guess it is similar to travelling with kids – make sure you have lots of snacks and plenty of things to keep them entertained 🙂

  3. Anca says:

    It looks like I’m moving when we take him with us. I used to use a harness, but now he is in the boot and there is no need for harness. I have a no-slip&no-splash bowl so he can drink water while we are driving. I take at least 2 leads every time, the long lead (for a 50+ kg dog it’s not that easy to find a suitable long lead) and another one. I also have balloons and for longer drives one of this meals (he eat 2 times a day). I will take one of his towels and a lot of water, if I need to wash his feet before letting him back in the car. 🙂

  4. Stepheny says:

    Since adopting our dog, Sheru, we have had just about every arrangement for him during our travels as you described in your post above. Although we have able to avoid keeping him in a kennel. I like your awesome list. I think the water could be better. I like to travel to the south. Definitely, I will go with my dog. Your list has helped me a lot. Thanks for the list

  5. Stepheny says:

    I think separate seat cover for a dog is very important.Dogs have a tendency to shed fur and get muddy and a car seat cover will protect car seats making it much easier to clean the car after having been away. I always use the seat belt, it’s always safer for him.
    the dog harness is designed to work with a seatbelt so you can strap your dog in safely while you are travelling. Seriously excellent post,
    A lot of matters become clear in my mind. Thanks for sharing;

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