Elite CommandAR Game Review

September 20, 2012

Elite CommandAR is an augmented reality game from AppGear. Augmented reality aims to combine the real world with the virtual world. In Elite CommandAR a toy gun is combined with a phone and you scan the room around you to reveal aliens which you shoot to gain points. The plot is simple, earth is nearing destruction by alien forces and you are an elite space commander tasked to save the world.

Elite CommandARThe box clearly identifies the phones that the game will work with. Opening the box you find the gun, some targets and the instructions.

Elite CommandARThe gun comes in two parts which need to be joined together using a screw. This is simple to do.

Elite CommandARThe gun also needs two AA batteries. Once the gun is connected the phone can be placed in the cradle at the top. There is a button you can press to open the phone holder and then you just push it down until the phone is held tightly. I was a bit worried that the phone may fall out but it does seem to be secure which removed that worry.

Before you can start playing you need to download the app for your phone. This is found in iTunes if you are using an iPhone and in Google Play for Android. It is a free download and installs easily.

To get started you need to turn the gun on and then attach the phone using a wire. The gun will tell you it is ready to start and you can begin playing.

Elite CommandARThere are three modes, training, campaign and battle. The training mode is useful to help you understand the game. There is also a two player mode if you need some help defeating the aliens.

My son tried this out and he really enjoyed playing the game. The graphics are great and it is really clever the way you can see an alien attack in the living room. You can shoot them by pressing the trigger on the gun and there are extra buttons which allow you to reload, raise your shield and other actions. To move around the game you just tilt the gun. It is really simple to play and great fun, while also being a unique idea. There are also upgrades available, you can earn points to buy and upgrade your weapons.

The game is aimed at children aged 6 and over, but it is a game that adults will enjoy as well.  Check that your phone will work with the game before buying, currently you need an iPod 4th generation; iPhone 4; iPhone 4s or for android phones  they should support Google Android 2.3.3 and have 1GHz processor, 512MB, for example Samsung SII or Samsung SIII.

Elite CommandAR is RRP £19.99

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Looks great fun 🙂

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