Eight Reasons to go Glamping

June 12, 2019
Sky den at the Calvert Trust

Do you fancy camping without having to rough it? Here are eight reasons why you should try glamping. Plan your adventure today.

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I have many memories of nights spent under canvas as a child. In those days it was an adventure to go camping. Whether it was spending the night in a tent in a friend’s garden or part of a long hiking trip it was fun.

There is something special about being close to nature. You wake with the sun to the sound of the birds singing their dawn chorus. You can get far from the beaten track and discover new places not seen before.

Tent in garden with dog in front

It is also fun to cook over a campfire, even if it is only a tin of beans and sausages. Telling ghost stories and making smores is a great way to end the evening before retiring to the tent.

Camping can be a lot of hard work. You need to make sure you have got everything. It needs to fit in your rucksack. You have to put up the tent when you arrive.

What if you could enjoy being close to nature without all the hassle? Enter glamping or glamorous camping. It is a way to get into the great outdoors whilst enjoying home comforts.

Eight Reasons to go Glamping

Glamping is one of those things that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is something I want to do. I have put together list of reasons to go glamping in case you need any more persuasion.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Variety of locations

One of the great things about glamping is the variety of different locations around the country. You can go glamping in Wales and take in Snowdonia National Park or the Breacon Beacons. There are plenty of locations on offer including the stunning coastline.

Why not take the chance to discover parts of the country you haven’t yet visited.

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Recharge your batteries

Most glamping locations are out in the countryside where a mobile phone signal is a distant memory. What better way to relax and recharge your batteries than disconnecting from technology.

Take the chance to read a book, chat with your family and explore your surroundings. Modern life can be hectic and everyone needs to switch off from time to time. You will come back from your break feeling refreshed.

Reconnect with nature

When you go glamping you will find yourself in the middle of the countryside. Take the chance to reconnect with nature. Look outside for wildlife, you may see rabbits on your doorstep or even a squirrel.

At night look up into the starry skies. When you are away from the city you can see the night sky in all its glory. A few minutes stargazing and you will forget all your worries.

Take a long walk in the countryside. All that fresh air means you will get a good nights sleep.

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Unusual places to stay

Sky den at the Calvert Trust

When you go glamping there are a range of different places to stay. Have you ever wanted to stay in a shepherds hut or a tree house? Maybe you fancy a night in a Mongolian style yurt or a tipi? Is a gypsy caravan more your style? Glamping gives you the chance to try all these.

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It’s comfortable

When you go glamping it is more relaxing than camping. You don’t need to struggle to pitch a tent, your home from home is ready. Cooking facilities are available for you and a wood burning stove for heat. Often there are other luxuries like a hot tub for a night under the stars.

Even better you can sleep on a real bed and not wake up sore from a night on the cold ground. There is no need to be Bear Grylls, just enjoy a night away in the wilderness in comfort.

Eat Al Fresco

What could be nicer than eating outside on a hot day or a warm evening under the stars? Why not have a barbecue and end the evening by toasting marshmallows? There is are plenty of foods you can bring that are easy to make on a barbecue with no fuss. Food always tastes better in the fresh air.

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Its eco-friendly!

If you are looking to holiday and help save the planet glamping is a great choice. Cabins, tree houses and yurts are made from eco-friendly materials. Many glamping places provide you with a hamper of local food and drink when you arrive, keeping down the food miles and allowing you to eat seasonally. Glamping allows you to immerse yourself in nature. Once you have done this you will realise why we need to protect it.

The cost

A few nights of luxury in a tent, tree house or shepherds hut is often less expensive than staying in a hotel. Just have a look at the places that do glamping where you want to stay and you will have a pleasant surprise.

Of course is money is no object you can upgrade your experience and include extras. It really is a holiday that you can tailor make to suit yourself.

Have you ever been glamping? What did you think? Let me know below.

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