Edd Kimber’s Mixed Berry Traybake

July 18, 2014

You may remember that I recently tried another of Edd Kimber’s recipes, Alpine Strawberry Fool. I enjoyed it so much I decided to try Edd Kimber’s Mixed Berry Traybake. These recipes have been developed in conjunction with Jordan’s cereals to celebrate “The Jordans Wildlife Garden” at RHS Hampton Court Palace to show their commitment to the British countryside. The recipes show what you can create with food foraged from the countryside. At the moment I have a glut of strawberries and raspberries growing in my garden. There is nothing nicer than a berry fresh off the bush and when the cake is done you get a sense of achievement from having grown the ingredients and baked it yourself.

Mixed berry traybake The finished traybake was gorgeous, a lovely light sponge with the Summer taste of strawberries and raspberries coming though to lift it to another level. The addition of Jordans Super Berry granola added a little crunch which made it even more tasty. The original recipe gives you the option of making rosehip syrup to pour over the top. At the moment all the roses I found were in flower, rather than in the process of creating hips so I left this out. I think next time I would mix the berries though the sponge rather than just sprinkling them on top.

Mixed berry traybakeThe sponge was a big success with the family and I have been asked to make it again. I definitely will be doing and experimenting with different berries to see what different flavours they add. I used strawberries and raspberries as I had them available, but you could also use blackberries foraged from a walk in the country. The traybake can be eaten in slices or served with custard for a more filling pudding.

Edd Kimber's Mixed Berry Traybake

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Servings 12
Author Edd Kimber


  • 225 g unsalted butter
  • 225 g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 4 large eggs
  • 300 g self raising flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • 200 g mixed berries raspberries, blackberries, strawberries
  • 100 g Jordans Super Berry Granola
  • rapberries


  • Grease a 9x14 rectangular baking tray and line with baking parchment
  • Preheat the oven to 180C, fan oven 160C, Gas Mark 4
  • Place the butter and sugar into a bowl and cream together until light and fluffy
  • Add the vanilla essence and then mix in the eggs one at a time, adding another when the first is fully mixed in.
  • Mix the flour and baking powder and add gradually to the bowl mixing until combined.
  • Add the milk and mix.
  • Add the mixture into the baking tray and spread evenly.
  • Scatter over the berries and the granola
  • Place in the oven for 40 minutes until it is golden brown and a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.
  • Allow to cool

If you try it do let me know what you think.

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  1. This sounds nice. I’m on the look out for new traybake recipes as I’m going to organise a Macmillan cake sale in Sept

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