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February 4, 2012

Ecover Stain RemoverI was really pleased to be sent some Ecover Stain Remover to put though its paces. If you do laundry and have children you will be more than familiar with those stubborn stains that often fail to come out. My son  comes home from school covered with miscellaneous stains, from layers of mud where he has been playing football to varying types of food that he has been feeding to his polo shirt. All too often you can do the washing and find that those stains are still there and impossible to shift.  It is worth getting a decent stain remover to help with this difficult challenge. The Ecover Stain remover was a recent winner of  Which? Best Buy for stain removal in a comparison of fifteen different stain removers. Ecover came out in the top three for grease, oil and make-up stains which is great news as it is also environmentally friendly like all Ecover products.

The product is really easy to apply. You need to wet the area  and then use the little brush on the top of the bottle to apply the stain remover to the stain. I really like the little brush, it allows you to control the application of the stain remover so you do not use loads and also allows you to rub it into the stain.  You can see that it is starting to work immediately as the clear gel changes colour. You then just put the treated garment in with the other laundry and wash it.

I tried the gel on a variety of different stains, the gunk you get on shirt collars, the layer of mud on my son’s trousers, an interesting tomato sauce type stain and some blood. I was pleased with the results. Most of the stains were removed completely. The tomato sauce was a little bit tougher and resisted the first wash, but to be fair I had not tried to remove the stain immediately which would have made a difference. I always find tomato type sauces are very hard to get out. The blood however had completely disappeared which is not usually the case with other products.

Ecover is made from plant based ingredients and is fully biodegradable so you know you are not harming the environment when you use it. The bottle is also 100% recyclable.

RRP : £2.79 for 200ml

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  1. I love Ecover stuff, it is a little expensive but it is guilt free to use. It’s a shame more companies don’t have the same eco-conscience. So many chemicals are leached into the environment via washing and household chemicals.

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