Eat Seasonal- May – Radish and Sweetcorn Salad

May 2, 2017
radish and sweetcorn salad

Eat Seasonal – May is a list of the fruit, vegetables and other food products that are in season in the UK in May. Eating seasonal products provides the best flavour at a cheaper price.

What’s In Season in May

Do you eat fruit and vegetables when they are in season? Seasonal produce has much more flavour and taste.  It is not just the that is better, seasonal fruit and vegetables are cheaper. They also have less of carbon footprint than food that needs to be flown in.

May is a month which heralds the start of warmer weather to come. The hedgerows are starting to burst into bloom and light mornings are full with the sound of birdsong. Make the most of succulent Spring lamb and watch out for asparagus. The season is short so enjoy it with butter whilst it is at it’s best. Rhubarb is also at it’s best in May so grab the chance to make a rhubarb crumble or rhubarb fool. Rhubarb is also nice as a sauce on a savoury dish so cook it with mackerel which is also in season now.

May brings more colour to the plate. It is the start of the cherry season. Soon the blossom with become fruit. Carrots are starting to come into season and don’t miss new potatoes while they are around. There is nothing nicer than new potatoes with a little mint and some butter as a side dish.  What are you waiting for?  Go and get some seasonal ingredients now. I have a pdf of the food that is in season in May that you can download and print out if you wish.

Eat Seaonal - May. What fruit and vegetables are in season in the UK in May

Radish and Sweetcorn Salad

Radish and corn salad

One of the unsung stars of Spring are radishes. These quietly unassuming vegetables make their way into salads adding a crisp peppery bite.  They add a splash of colour to your plate and a touch of crunch. This makes them perfect for eating with dips. Radishes are good for you as well. They are high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Anti-oxidants are meant to help the body fight signs of ageing and may guard against cancer. It is worth adding radishes to your salad for these benefits alone.

Radish and sweetcorn salad is a very simple dish to make and adds a splash of colour to your plate. It is perfect for adding to Fajitas and Tacos if you are cooking up some food for Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican festival. It also goes nicely with a chicken sandwich to add a touch of crunch.

To make the raddish and sweetcorn salad just mix up a small tin of sweetcorn with some radishes and spring onions that have been cut into pieces. Finally add a splash of lime juice and a little olive oil and mix it all up. A quick and easy salad that is also a versatile side dish.

Radish and Sweetcorn Salad Recipe

radish and sweetcorn salad

Radish and sweetcorn salad

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A quick and tasty salad which makes a lovely side dish


  • 230g tin sweetcorn
  • 6 radishes
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • ½ tsp olive oil


  1. Chop the radishes in half and slice thinly.
  2. Chop the spring onions into small pieces
  3. Mix the sweetcorn with the radishes and spring onions
  4.  Add the lime juice and olive oil and stir until well mixed.

Other Recipes using May’s seasonal ingredients

Elderflower and Gooseberry Sorbet

May brings a touch of sunshine and this elderflower and gooseberry sorbet is perfect for eating whilst sitting in the garden.

Elderflower and Gooseberry sorbet

Apple, Cucumber, Elderflower and Mint Virgin Cocktail

This apple, cucumber, elderflower and mint virgin cocktail is the taste of spring in a glass. It is lovely and refreshing, perfect for serving with a bank holiday barbecue.

Apple Cucumber Elderflower and mint cocktail

Gooseberry Orange and Elderflower cordial

Gooseberry, orange and elderflower cordial is another refreshing drink for a warm day. It is really easy to make as well. Perfect with ice to cool you down.

Gooseberry, orange and elderflower cordial

Raspberry and elderflower nests

This is a simple dessert that looks good and tastes delicious. The perfect end to a spring meal.

Raspberry and elderflower nests

Cherry shortbread

These delicious shortbread biscuits are perfect with a cup of tea. The cherries add a little touch of sweetness.

Cherry Shortbread

Italian Tomato Baked Cod

Bursting with fresh flavour this Italian tomato baked cod is perfect for a light dinner or lunch. Serve with new potatoes or a side salad.

Italian Tomato Baked Code

Cod with chorizo and tomato sauce

This is another flavour packed fish dish. The chorizo adds a spicy punch which complements the tomato perfectly.

Cod with chorizo and tomato

Pulled Duck with BBQ Sauce

May weather might encourage you to get out the barbecue. Just in case it suddenly rains why not prepare some pulled duck with BBQ sauce to have on standby. Serve in a bap or with a salad.

pulled duck with barbecue sauce

Honey and orange roast duck

For a special treat this honey and orange roast duck is delicious. Why not have it for Sunday dinner? The honey and orange glaze adds a touch of sweetness.

honey and orange roast duck

Carrot and fennel soup

If you are looking for a light lunch or just for something to warm you up when it is a little colder outside this carrot and fennel soup is perfect. The fennel seed adds a subtle spice to the carrot which gives it lots of flavour.

Carrot and fennel soup

Carrot and apricot flapjacks

For a sweet treat with sneaky hidden vegetables why not try these carrot and apricot flapjacks? Perfect for adding to your child’s lunchbox.

Carrot and apricot flapjacks

What will you be cooking this May? Let me know below.

What is in season in other months?

Wondering what is in season in the other months of the year? Use the links below to find out:

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  1. Galina V says:

    I love first radishes, they are sweet and juicy. Lovely light salad. And that cocktail looks delicious too.

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