Eat Seasonal: June

June 5, 2017
Gooseberry and coconut cake

By eating food that is in season you can enjoy the best tastes and flavours in your food. Wondering what food is in season in June? Find out with  Eat Seasonal June – find a printable list of produce that is in season in June and recipe ideas. Read on to find out more.

June brings the start of Summer and with it the promise of sunny days. Long light evenings bring the sound of lawnmowers and children playing. The warm weather makes salad attractive, it is too hot to want to eat much. Luckily the warm summer months bring an abundance of fresh food making it easy to add flavour to our plate. By eating seasonal we also save money as food that is in season is cheaper.

What is in season in June?

What a great year this has been for blossom. May saw trees bursting into bloom with pink and white blooms everywhere. June is the time when the blossom starts turning into fruit and the first of the cherries and strawberries appear. Gooseberries are also in season in June and my bush is already showing a good crop of fruit.

Vegetables are also in abundance. June brings peas in the pod, mangetout and runner beans. Jersey royal potatoes are ready to be eaten. Lettuce is starting to come into season ready for us to make summer salads. Mix the lettuce with radishes, spring onions, sorrel, rocket and watercress for a tasty and seasonal salad. Seafood is also plentiful this month with crab and lobster being at their best.  The image below shows everything that is in season in June. If you prefer you can download the list of June’s seasonal produce as a pdf download.

What produce is in season in June

Seasonal Recipes for June

Here are some ideas for recipes that use ingredients that are seasonal in June. If you have any other favourite recipes with June’s produce, do let me know below. I am always looking for new recipes to try out.

Carrot and Apricot Flapjacks

Carrot and apricot flapjacks

Flapjacks are always great for a lunchbox snack or a tea time treat. These carrot and apricot flapjacks taste great. The addition of carrots into the flapjack makes them lovely and moist whilst the apricot adds a little tang. Everyone will love these.

Strawberry shortcakes

Strawberry shortcake on a plate

What more fitting way to celebrate the start of strawberry season than with these delicious strawberry shortcakes? The mixture of strawberry and cream is always sublime but add in some shortbread and you get heaven on a plate.

Carrot and Fennel Soup

Carrot and fennel soup

Carrot and fennel soup uses fennel seeds to add a lovely hint of spice to the soup. It is ideal for a light lunch or supper when the warm weather means you do not feel like eating.

Slow Roasted Spanish Lamb

slow roasted spanish style lamb

If you want a flavourful Sunday roast then this slow roasted Spanish style lamb is ideal. Full of the flavour of summer it just cooks slowly until you are ready to eat. Perfect for a lazy sunny Sunday.

Beetroot and asparagus salad

Beetroot and Asparagus Salad

Cod with chorizo and tomato sauce

Cod with chorizo and tomato sauce

Gooseberry, orange and elderflower cordial

This gooseberry orange and elderflower cordial is a lovely refreshing drink on a hot day. It is easy to make as well.

Gooseberry, orange and elderflower cordial

Apple, cucumber, elderflower and mint virgin cocktail

This is another refreshing and delicious drink that is perfect for a barbecue party for people who don’t want to drink as they are driving.

apple cucumber, elderflower and mint cocktail

Gooseberry and coconut cake

This cake is the perfect way to use up a glut of gooseberries. The sweetness of the coconut and the tang of the gooseberries combine to make a tasty teatime treat.

Gooseberry and coconut cake

Which seasonal produce are you most looking forward to in June? Let me know below.

4 responses to “Eat Seasonal: June”

  1. We have a handful of cherries on our new cherry tree on our balcony – I wonder if we’ll get to eat them before the birds do !!

  2. My gooseberries are not doing very well, some little bugger has been eating leaves. I must try your carrot flapjacks.

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