Easter Adventures

April 22, 2014

As you may have noticed I have been a little quiet recently. I had a week off at Easter and decided to spend some time getting the house and garden sorted and being with the family. I also took the plunge and updated the operating system on my computer, which meant I had to remove and reinstall everything. It is all working again now but it meant I wasn’t able to do anything for a while.

As the weather was lovely we decided to take the dog for a long walk into the Rising Sun Country Park. There was a craft fair on in the visitor centre which we wanted to look around. It is a nice walk, past fields, dipping ponds and though woodland before we get to the visitor centre. On the way back we pass the swallow lake and pool in the quarry which is full of swans and geese. We also pass the Rising Sun Farm where we can buy vegetables. It takes a few hours to do the walk but in nice weather it is lovely and we stop to get drinks at the visitor centre. The craft fair was small but nice and we bought some gorgeous cup cakes to eat at home later.

On the walk back towards the farm we stopped to look at some horses and the deer who lives with them.

Horses and deer at the Rising SunWhen his antlers are full grown he looks really impressive, I think he is just regrowing them at the moment. Apparently there is a bird hide on the other side of the lake but we have never managed to work out how to walk round to it. I did manage to zoom in on the lake with my camera, there are plenty of birds to look at.

Swallow lake Rising Sun Country ParkWe walked round to the pond on the quarry to look at the swans. The last time we were there they nearly attacked us so we were very careful.

Swans at Rising Sun ParkSuddenly a dog appeared and decided he was going to jump in the pond and chase the swans. We were a little bit worried that he might get attacked but the swans did not have any babies so were less aggressive. The dogs owners soon appeared and put him on his lead.
Rising Sun
On our way home we also spotted a butterfly which I think might be a Peacock butterfly. I haven’t managed to see one of these before.
Peacock butterfly
It was a lovely day out. A few days later we had a bit more excitement, I noticed on twitter that Wonga were doing a treasure hunt though Newcastle for Toon Balloons. In case you are not aware Toon is Geordie for town. The idea was that they would release clues on twitter and the first person to reach and find the balloon would win whatever prize was tied to the balloon. There were tickets to see Newcastle United, signed player photos, Newcastle United tops and the grand prize of an X-Box. My son and I went into town and waited for the clues. We started off near St James Park but the clues led us to Central Station and the Centre for Life and then down to the Quayside.
Newcastle Quayside
We narrowly missed the balloon at the Millennium Bridge but were in position for the next clue which was for the Swing Bridge. We raced at great speed and managed to find one.
Finding a toon balloon

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon but it was more than a little exhausting racing at great speed around Newcastle chasing clues. It was obviously very popular as a lot of people were out looking. Those were some of our Easter Adventures, obviously we also had a lot of chocolate and a lovely dinner on the Sunday. What did you get up to over the holidays?

4 responses to “Easter Adventures”

  1. Ooh the suspense is killing me, what did you win?! I love the country park – sounds fantastic

    • My son won a signed photo of Tim Krul who is the goal keeper. He was dead chuffed and as a bonus he also managed to find his phone which he had lost for weeks. It was in his football collection of stuff drawer!

  2. Zoe says:

    Oh I’m so pleased you had time to make the most of the sunshine this weekend. We spent much of it sorting and clearing out, but did manage a motorcycle ride down to Rutland Water on Monday which was really lovely. It’s so nice when the weather plays ball on a bank holiday weekend 🙂

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