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October 4, 2011

Recently the lovely people at BlogMatch matched me with Tactic Games who sent me some games to review. If you are a blogger, BlogMatch are a company who match bloggers with brands and they are well worth joining.

I was sent the game Draco to review, which is described as the biggest dragon battle of the century! I think they must have realised I like dragons.

The idea is simple, in the box you get a number of dragon shaped parts. To set the game up you create one large dragon across the centre of the table, using a head at one end, a tail at the other end and lots of body humps across the centre. It ends up looking at bit like the dragon version of the Loch Ness Monster. Each player then gets a dragon head and tail and sets these up on opposite sides of the table, with the big dragon snaking across the centre.  Using the counters in the dragon head shaped counter firer you take it in turns to fire the flames at the centre dragon. If you managed to knock over one of the dragon parts it becomes yours and you can add it to your dragon. At the end the person who has  the longest dragon is the winner. The counters are made of wood which means they are durable.

This sounds simple enough but there is a definite knack to firing the fire counters out of the fire breathers and hitting the dragon. I was very good at hitting the dragon bodies and moving them around the table, which amused my son greatly. He soon got the knack of knocking them over and emerged victorious with an extremely long dragon. Be careful though, if you knock over the head or tail of the great dragon, you have to pay a penalty and return a body part to it.

This is a fun game to play and is very enjoyable. You do need a flat table to play it on, it is not a game that could be played on the carpet. It requires a certain amount of skill and dexterity to play which is good, as it would not be as much fun if it was easy. A game lasts around 15 minutes so it is a good one to get out if your time is limited.

RRP £15.19

The game is aimed at ages 6 and above and is for two players.

For more information on Tactic Games visit www.tactic.net

If you wish to buy the game you can find it online at: http://www.carouseltoyshop.co.uk/ 

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