Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante Review

September 21, 2012

Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante I am a big lover of pizza, it tastes lovely and the different toppings available allow you to add variety and have a different flavour each time. It is also a quick and easy meal to make when you come in from work, you can just grab one out of the freezer and pop it in the oven. I was pleased to be asked to review Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante and got my son, also known as the mini pizza tester, to help.

We chose to have a Pizza Hawaii which has a topping of ham and pineapple. There are several other toppings we could have chosen. These are Mozarella, Speciale (ham and salami), Pollo (chicken), Funghi (mushroom), Pepperoni and Quatro Formaggi (four cheeses). There is definitely something to suit every mood.

The pizza is very quick to make. All you need to do is to put the frozen pizza in the oven for 10-12 minutes and it is ready. The cheese turns a golden yellow so that you know it is done.

Dr Oetker Pizza RistoranteI served it with some salad in a vinaigrette dressing. I have to report that Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante tastes lovely. I don’t like pizza with a really thick base or pizza with a soggy base. Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante has a lovely thin base which is really crispy. The topping is rich and delicious, with plenty of ham and pineapple spread over the pizza. It was really nice. My son loved the pizza as well, and said that it was really tasty, which is a big compliment from him.

These pizzas are great to have in the freezer when you need a quick meal as they cook quickly and taste really nice. You can find Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante in most supermarkets. You can find more information about Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante on their website.

Disclosure: I was sent a voucher to try Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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2 responses to “Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante Review”

  1. Zoe says:

    Love pineapple on pizza, I keep being told I’m strange for that so I’m glad you picked that one it makes me feel more normal!

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