Of Dogs and Peanuts

March 28, 2014

The other day I was chatting with ChikasFoods on twitter and mentioned that a picture of their snacks looked delicious.  They very kindly offered to send me some to try. Chika’s peanuts are dried in the African sun and hand toasted for a fuller flavour. As well as peanuts they do a variety of other snacks like plantain and sweet potato crisps ehich look rather nice.

Chikka peanutsI decided I would put them in a dish so that the whole family could give them a try. I tried a couple and found they really quite tasty. I then had to nip upstairs to get something. When I came back down the dish was empty. There was no one else in the house so I thought I might have imagined putting them out. Now I am getting older I do sometimes have moments where I think I have done something and haven’t. I went back into the kitchen and found the bag open and empty. There was only one possible option left, the dog. This is Eddie, my King Charles Spaniel, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

King Charles SpanielWhile I had been upstairs, which was no more than a minute, the dog had reached onto the table and eaten the peanuts out of the dish. I immediately got worried, after all peanuts are not normally part of a dogs diet. Some quick research and I found out that it is safe for dogs to eat peanuts, although some nuts can be poisonous to them. Peanut butter is a treat for dogs and is often found in dog snacks. Apparently some dogs can be allergic to peanuts, just like humans so I kept a close eye on him. He was absolutely fine though. I am not going to make a habit of feeding him peanuts but in this case no harm was done. Fortunately they were unsalted. Next time I will ensure I keep them out of his reach! I would never have thought he would have been tempted by them.

Luckily I had another packet to try and I can report that Chika’s peanuts are gorgeous, they have a really rich full flavour. Once I had one I had to eat the rest, they are quite additive.

Disclosure: While I was sent some nuts to try I was under no obligation to write about them.

12 responses to “Of Dogs and Peanuts”

  1. We have lost more cake, loaves of bread, butter and much more to our 2 dogs and they always have the cheek to look as innocent as the day they were born! So glad Eddie was OK after eating them and that you had 2 packets!

  2. Oh no ! Our dogs ate a whole box of Ferrero Rocher once. They climbed up on a chair, up on the table, opened the box, then obviously threw them all around the room to get the foil wrappers off. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs but luckily they were OK. I would have loved to see how they managed it !

  3. Cheeky doggy! Although it does show that the peanuts were very nice! I tried some Guinness flavoured ones the other day – they are lovely. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Galina V says:

    They sound lovely, will keep an eye for them, love trying new foods. And aww at your cute little thief.

  5. Chris says:

    So Eddie felt the same way about the peanuts, he also feels they are addictive.

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