Di Palomo – Inspired by Italy but made in England

October 30, 2011

Recently FuelMyBlog offered me the chance to try some products from the skincare, fragrance and home fragrance company Di Palomo. This company is based in Torquay but has a range of products which were inspired by time spent in Italy and the scents found there.  I was really pleased to try these products as I love Italy. I spent my honeymoon in Italy and we visited Florence, Rome, Venice and Pisa among other places. I have very fond memories of my time spent there. To get you in the Italian mood here is a picture I took in Venice.


I was sent two products in the range to try, White Grape and Aloe Bath and Shower Cream and White Grape and Aloe Body Butter. Both of these, obviously, contain grape and aloe which are known for their soothing properties. Both products are packaged nicely, they come in white boxes with green grapes subtlety embedded on them. The body butter is wrapped in green tissue paper inside the box which gives it an extra touch of luxury.

White Grape and Aloe Bath and Shower Cream

The Bath and Shower Cream comes in a pump dispenser which makes it easy to use as much or as little as you need.  The cream is green in colour and has a nice consistency, it is not too runny. It has a  nice perfume,  which is sweet and grape-like but not overpowering. It can be used either in the bath or as a shower gel.  I choose to use it in the shower and I found that it lathered well and left my skin feeling noticeably softer. The perfume lingered on your skin after use which was nice.

RRP £9.00

White Grape and Aloe Body Butter

The body butter contains over 30% cocoa butter and you notice this when you first use it as it thicker than other body butters.  When it was rubbed onto skin it melted in really nicely and was absorbed quickly. It did not leave my skin feeling greasy after use and I did notice that it left much softer for a while after use. Again it has a subtle and pleasant perfume which lingered on my skin after use. My skin tends to be very dry and I noticed that really helped.

I love the way the grape motif is carried onto the lid of the container.

Both these products did remind me of Italy, you can almost imagine being in a Tuscan grape field in the summer under the warm Italian sun.

RRP £15

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