Declutter Your Wardrobe

April 26, 2013

Recently I looked at my wardrobe and realised it was full. I am a terrible hoarder. If you looked in my wardrobe you would find clothes that have gone out of style that have not been worn for years. Why do I keep them? I always think there will be a perfect occasion to wear them again. Like many women I have clothes that I have worn when I have put on weight and clothes that I am hoping I will fit into again one day. The result, there is no space in my wardrobe.

Now the weather is getting warmer I need to find my Spring clothes. I probably have lots of items that I have not seen for ages. I just need to uncover them and give them a new lease of life.

I resolved I was going to have a good clean out at the weekend and make some space. As a bonus I noticed that Music Magpie are now offering cash for clothes so I have a chance to make some money at the same time. It looks easy enough to use, you just pop in the brand and garment type and it tells you how much cash you will get.

So how am I going to start taming my wardrobe into something that looks organised. I know this is going to take some time so I am going to set aside the day to do it. The next job will be to remove everything from my wardrobe pile it somewhere else. Now I need to start asking some myself some questions:

  1. What style of clothes do I tend to wear? I have work clothes, casual clothes and exercise clothes.
  2. What sort of weather do the clothes suit? I have clothes for winter and clothes for Spring and Summer.

How To Declutter Your Wardrobe
Now for the hard part, actually decluttering. I need to sort out what I want to keep. At this point you will not want to throw anything away so be tough.

  1. Make three piles, Keep, Give Away or Sell and Throw Out.
  2. Find your favourite items, the ones you wear all the time. Keep those and try and build outfits around these.
  3. Now the hard part, decide what to get rid of. You can make this choice by looking at these factors:

Hopefully you now have a smaller pile of clothes to go back into the wardrobe. Sort these into winter wear and summer wear and put them back into the wardrobe. You should now have some space and clothes that you can see. You should also know what clothes you need more of, which gives you an excuse to go shopping.

I shall be tackling my wardrobe this weekend, I wonder what I will find in there?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was not told what to write and the opinions are my own.

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