Dealing with a pet emergency at Christmas

December 23, 2016

Christmas is a time for being with family and friends. A pet is a big part of the family. Would you know how to deal with a pet emergency at Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas? I am just about there. I just have a few last gifts to wrap and I am looking forward to spending a few days relaxing with my family. I love to spoil my dog, Eddie at Christmas. He always gets a few treats and a new toy or two.

Eddie's job

Christmas can be a dangerous time for pets. Their home is invaded with trees, decorations and often people bearing gifts. This can be stressful and bewildering. Their routine may change and they may not get their normal walks as we fit in our celebrations. Pulling crackers round the dinner table may scare our pets.

Dangers to pets over Christmas

As a pet owner we should be aware of the dangers for pets over Christmas. Many of the foods we have on our table during Christmas day can harm our dogs.  Chocolate, onions, nuts, blue cheese, fruit cakes, puddings and mince pies are all toxic and can poison your pet. Make sure any boxes of chocolates that you have wrapped are not under the tree. It only takes a moment for your dog to discover them with his keen sense of smell and eat them.

Have you thought about what you would do if your pet got ill over Christmas? Sadly many animals get ill over Christmas and it can often be fatal. Vets are closed during the festive period so it can be hard to find help.Vets Now, the out of hours emergency vet provider, see a 41% increase in pet emergencies over Christmas. Sadly a third of pet owners experience an emergency over the holidays.  62% of cases are caused because a pet has eaten novelty festive items. 9 out of 10 poisonings are caused while a pet is in its own home, the pet has eaten or been given something that is harmful to them unknowingly.

Fortunately Vets Now have created an emergency pet plan which you can download for free to ensure heaven stays a place on earth for your best friend. Planning in advance will save vital time getting your pet help if their is an emergency and this plan will help you do this.  Hopefully you and your pet will have an enjoyable Christmas without any emergencies but it is better to be prepared.

Pet Heaven

To help raise awareness of the dangers that cats and dogs face over Christmas Vets Now,   have created a couple of videos of cats and dogs enjoying their one night in pet heaven. Cats enjoyed the worlds first catnip bar with catnip laced cocktails. Dogs enjoyed an opulent dogs dinner with only ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat. Enjoy the dogs video below and see what a great time they are having.

Have a Happy Christmas

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy Christmas. I hope you and your family have a lovely restful holiday and that the New Year brings answer to all your dreams.

I was gifted some chocolate in return for sharing this post and raising awareness in order to keep your pet safe at Christmas.

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2 responses to “Dealing with a pet emergency at Christmas”

  1. Michelle says:

    It can be! That’s why I am careful not to feed my Yellow Labrador Marley any unknown food.

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