A Customised Hoodie From SpreadShirt

January 14, 2016

My son has just turned 15. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed, it only seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby. Turning into a teenager means that now I rarely see him. He spends ages in his room on line talking to his friends using video calling on his tablet. Things have moved on since I was a teenager. In those days we had to use the phone to call our friends, mobiles did not exist. Time on the phone was limited in case the phone bill was excessive. It was considered daring to phone “Dial a disc” where you could listen to the latest chart hits at a premium rate. Along with the spending ages to chatting to friends he has now started to take an interest in his appearance. He loves clothes that make him look unique and has developed his own style. He loves looking smart and was over the moon when we went to a wedding last year and he had to wear a suit.

Recently Spreadshirt, a firm that specialises in personalised clothing, got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out their service. A large range of products can be created, from t-shirts and hoodies to aprons, mugs and blankets and even bandanas for dogs. I knew my son would be really delighted to have a personalised hoodie and let him set about designing his own.
The site was really easy to use, he chose the create option which brings up the T-shirt designer. Once in here you can choose the product and the person it is for, Men, Women or Kids and Babies. You are then shown a range of different styles with the prices clearly marked. Once you have chosen the style you get to pick the colour.


The fun then begins, you can choose the design for your hoodie. You can add designs to the front, back, arms or hood. You can choose from a wide range of already available designs or choose to upload your own. Once you have chosen your design you can add writing, choosing the font and the colour or move and resize the design until you get the style you want. My son deliberated for ages, changing styles and fonts until he got just the design he wanted. As you go though the process the price the design will be at the end is clearly shown so you can stay within your price range. It would be really easy to get carried away otherwise.

SpreadshirtHis finished design has a yellow car on the front with the words, if you are not fast you’re last written around it.  This is a family saying which basically means if you stand around dithering other people will jump into the queue ahead of you. It is a saying my son loves and he will come out with it all the time.

SpreadshirtOn the back he chose to have a variation of the saying, If you’re not quick you’re thick and added a copyright symbol to show it was a unique design. Once he had created his design it was really easy to order it. All that we had to do then was wait for it to arrive.



Delivery was actually very quick, it took around a week and that was during the Christmas period so the bank holidays would have slowed things down a bit. My son is really pleased with the hoodie from Spreadshirt. It looked exactly the same as it did on the screen and the quality is good. It should last him for quite a while. He loves the fact that he has a unique personalised design that none of his friends have and has worn the hoodie a lot.

spreadshirtWould you use a service like this? What would you design if you did?

I was sent a voucher to use in order to create my hoodie but my opinions are my own.


6 responses to “A Customised Hoodie From SpreadShirt”

  1. Happy Birthday to your son 🙂
    I recently got some customised t-shirts done for HHH.

  2. Anca says:

    It looks fab. I received one for mother’s day from my husband with “Rottweiler mum” and a picture of the dog and an apron for Christmas with my food blog name. They are amazing gifts. I’ll check their website, maybe I should order something for hubby.

  3. That’s a great design and I love the fact that it’s got personal mottos on it. I can’t believe how grown up he looks now !

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