Creating a sense of calm in your bedroom

September 16, 2015

These tips on creating a sense of calm in your bedroom will help you create a special place where you can relax at the end of the day.

When you enter a bedroom it should be a peaceful place where you can escape from the stresses of the day. It should allow you to relax and drift off to sleep in a sense of calm, allowing your mind to put away its worries.

A bedroom should create the sort of peace you get when you sit and watch a stunning sunset or listen to the waves crashing on the shore. A room where you want to curl up and read a book or just sit down and write for a while.

SunsetI recently shared how I managed to create a sense of calm in my bedroom by giving it a makeover with some new bedding. As well as looking nice there is something restful about clean crisp sheets that helps you sleep. I have to watch out though as my dog likes to sneak onto my bed when I am not looking. If he has been out for a walk this can soon destroy the crisp feel of the sheets as muddy paws do them no good.

BedroomRecently Hillary’s got in touch with¬† bloggers to ask them how they would create their perfect bedroom environment. For me the answer was in the use of scents and perfumes. Scents are great to use in the bedroom for creating an sense of peace and the idea you have walked into a sanctuary.

Bedroom insightsA scent has great power, often taking you back to a time and place in memory. If I smell roses I am transported to my grandparents garden and memories of running up and down their lawn in the summer as a child surrounded by beds of roses. The smell of grass will take me back to my school days and time spent sitting on playing fields at break. For me the ideal peaceful place would be sitting in the sunshine on a cliff by the beach, watching the waves break onto the sand and birds fly by. Add the perfect scent to a bedroom using essential oils, scented candles or incense. Make sure you are careful if you use a naked flame, it should not be near curtains or other fabric.

FlowersBunches of fresh flowers are ideal for adding a lovely perfume to the air as well. The scent should be one you love but not one that is overpowering, allowing you to drift off to sleep with a lovely memory. Lavender is the perfect scent for a bedroom, it is a scent that has relaxing properties helping you drift off to sleep. What could be more perfect that thinking you are in a lavender field in the South of France as you drop off. Jasmine and honeysuckle are fragrances I love, light and airy reminding me of dawn on a summers day. Sandalwood is often used in incense and can be used to create a warming and relaxing environment to help you slip off to sleep. It is perfect for the Autumn, creating a sense of warmth on a windy day. If you need uplifting after a long day at work then bergamot is ideal, it has a sweet spicy scent that is uplifting and heart warming.

honeysuckleThe great thing about scents is you can change them to match your mood, making your bedroom the ideal place to retreat to and escape the stresses of life.

Pop over and read the other ideas for creating your perfect bedroom environment on Hillary’s website. How do you add a sense of calm in your bedroom? Do comment and let me know.

3 responses to “Creating a sense of calm in your bedroom”

  1. Galina V says:

    I know many people love scented candles and other olfactory things in the bedroom. Personally I prefer just the smell of the fresh laundry and nothing else. I have tried some essential oils on the pillows, but ended up changing the pillow cases in the middle of the night, lol. The same with candles, OK in the living room, not in my bedroom.

  2. eMoov says:

    Yes, bedrooms should smell like you are at peace as you open its door. Some scented candles can play a good role for this as well. And some refreshing photos in your wall.

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