Cosy Tea – Time For A Lovely Cup Of Tea

February 15, 2012

I was really delighted the other day when I received nine different flavours of Cosy Tea to try out! If you know me then you know that I love my tea. I can’t get through a day without drinking several cups, it wakes me up in the morning, keeps me going while at work and puts me to sleep at night. I am a great believer that a cup of tea can cure most things.

Cosy Tea is not just any ordinary tea, it is tea made using organic ingredients and there is a full range of black, green and fruit teas to try. If like me you wonder about the frequent use of organic in relation to tea, it actually means that it is produced using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

I love the name Cosy Tea, to me it is evocative of sitting around the tea table with a roaring fire with a  pot of tea under the tea cosy and a plate of crumpets and fruit cake waiting to be served. The boxes back up that feeling; they are not the usual bland boxes of teabags. Each one has a different knitted pattern that makes them really look good on the shelf.  If you look at the box you will see that each pattern was created by working with local knitters and they were created to fit each different tea. It tells you who knitted the design and which stitch was used which I think is  a nice touch. The packaging has won gold in the best packaging category as well as picking up the Chairman’s Award at the Cream design awards in 2010 and you can see why.

Inside each box you get twenty teabags, all in their own individual wrappers.

The little string attached to the bag makes it easy to remove it from the cup when the tea is ready and adds to the luxury feel of the tea.  The bag looks slightly browner than a normal teabag but this is because they are unbleached. The leaves inside are organic and this is one way to help bring the full flavour into the cup. All the packaging is totally recyclable.

There will definitely be a tea in the range to suit you. The full range is:

Black Tea

I class Earl Grey, Decaf and Breakfast tea as Black tea, the kind of tea you grab when you just fancy a normal cuppa. It is worth noting that the three black tea are also Fairtrade and have been certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. These are teas you need to brew and savour and relax with. Pour a cup, let it brew for two to four minutes then take the teabag out and enjoy.  Enjoy you will, these make a lovely cup of  tea which is well worth sitting down for. It is worth mentioning that you would not notice that the Decaf is decaffeinated. It has the same great taste as the Breakfast Tea.

Green Tea

I love Green Tea and even better it is meant to be good for you. I find a cup of green tea at the end of a meal is a great way to finish it off, it cleanses and palate and refreshes you.  These two green teas are very nice indeed, the jasmine green is a very traditional green tea while the hint of lemon in the lemon green tea gives it a refreshing twist.

Again you need to let it brew in the mug for a while to release those delicate flavours but it is well worth the wait.

Other Teas

Fruit Tea is something I can take or leave depending what mood I am in. I love Peppermint Tea and its great if you are ever feeling sickly as it has a great settling effect. This peppermint tea is one of the nicest I have tasted.  Chamomile Tea I am not keen on, I find it a bit flowery. That is no reflection on this tea, for Chamomile Tea it is nice but it is just not something I would buy on a regular basis. I wasn’t too sure about the Rooibos tea at first as it is not one I have tried before. It is a Redbush tea with a hint of vanilla, you can smell the vanilla when you lift the cup to your lips but it fades into the background when you sip it. It is really nice and was one of my favourites. I also loved the Blueberry, which contains blueberry, echinacea, hibicus and rosehips. As well as being tasty it is bursting with health benefits.

If you are a tea lover it is definitely worth picking up the Cosy Tea range to add a touch of luxury to your drink. If you are a vegetarian the range has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and also for Vegan diets by Viva.

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  1. val says:

    Green Tea

  2. i love Cosy Fairtrade Organic Earl Grey Tea i have a cup ever morning before taking the kids to school ilove the peppermint colour one

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