Completing the SlimFast Challenge

January 29, 2016

Recently I undertook the SlimFast Challenge. I was sent a SlimFast starter pack and along with a team of other ladies was challenged to try the diet for a week and see how I got on.

I have tried the SlimFast Challenge previously but this time I was also able to use the new SlimFast App to help to motivate me.

When you are on the SlimFast diet you swap two meals for SlimFast meal replacements and have one 600 calorie main meal a day. You are also allowed 3 100 calorie snacks a day, these can be SlimFast snacks of chocolate bars, savoury snacks or noodles or fruit or vegetables.  The plan is also called SlimFast 3.2.1 or 3 snacks, 2 meal replacements and one meal.

SlimFast Starter Pack

SlimFast Starter Pack

The SlimFast starter pack contains everything you need to undertake a week on the SlimFast plan. Everything except the main meal, you need to provide that yourself. To help you with this there are plenty of ideas on the SlimFast website. In the box you will find the meal replacements, I had six milkshakes and eight meal replacement bars. There is also a selection of SlimFast snacks, two types of chocolate bar and two types of savoury snacks which were cheddar bites and pretzels.

Sadly no noodles are included in the starter pack, I find these nice to have at lunchtime when I crave something savoury. You also get a planner that helps you plan what to eat each day. It gives a selection of evening meals along with recipes.  The nice thing about the plan is you only have to think about one meal a day, everything else is ready to eat. It is also so easy to stick the meal replacement bars and snacks in your bag to take to work with you.

How did I get on?

When I did the plan I started each day with a SlimFast shake. I love the shake for breakfast, it is a nice start to the day and it is actually quite filling. There is a range of flavours, I had strawberry, chocolate and coffee in the starter pack.  My favourite was the strawberry.

SlimFast shake

Mid morning I had a cup of tea and a SlimFast chocolate snack. I always find I crave something sweet with a cup of tea mid morning so this worked well. The chocolate bars are delicious.


For lunch I had one of the meal replacement bars, Summer berry is my favourite with its yoghurt coating. I find it quite odd eating something sweet at lunchtime but it does keep the hunger pangs at bay.

In the evening I made one of the suggested meals and if I got hungry also had a savoury snack. During the course of the week I used the SlimFast app which provided me with motivation to keep going. I found the plan easy to follow and at the end of the week was pleased to find I had lost four pounds. It is a great boost having lost some weight and the SlimFast challenge is a great way to give yourself a weight loss boost. In the long term to keep the weight off I will have to exercise and eat sensibly otherwise I will find the weight loss will go back on again. However a week doing the SlimFast challenge has given me the motivation to keep going.

Have you ever tried SlimFast? What did you think?

4 responses to “Completing the SlimFast Challenge”

  1. Well done – that’s a great result 🙂

  2. We have some of the Slim Fast noodle boxes and they are actually really good – much better than we were expecting.

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