Club Penguin Puffle Halloween Pumpkin Template

October 29, 2011

I always carve a pumpkin for Halloween. There is something comforting about a candle twinkling in a pumpkin on Halloween night. When I was little we used a turnip, in those days you didn’t find pumpkins in supermarkets. They are now readily available. Pumpkins are much easier to carve than turnips, the seeds provide a natural hollow so they do not need as much carving.

Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin

This is my Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin? What do you think?

Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin

To make the Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin you need a pumpkin, a felt pen and something sharp to cut the pumpkin with. Gently cut round the top of the pumpkin to make a lid. Inside you will see the seeds and the pumpkin flesh. Scoop out the seeds using a large spoon. The seeds can be toasted to make a nice snack. Scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin using a spoon. The flesh can be used later to make pumpkin pie.

Print out the Club Penguin Puffle template and cut out the black sections of the sheet. Use some tape to stick the template to the pumpkin and carefully draw round the cut out sections of the template using the felt tip pen. Remove the template. Using a knife cut round the lines into the pumpkin to make the Club Penguin Puffle.

Video of the Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin being made

I wanted to share this video with you which you will appreciate if you have children who like Club Penguin.  Disney have produced a video with QVC Papercraft Studio guest presenter and crafting blogger Kirsty Wiseman carving a Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin Lantern. The pumpkin uses the template I used above

You can watch the video here:

I was very pleased with the result and my son loved it. You may also be interested in my Dragon pumpkin which I thought would be an interesting challenge.

How to carve a Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin. Perfect for Halloween

Why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween?

Most holidays have traditions that go along with them and Halloween has plenty. The Jack’O Lantern dates from 17th Century Britain when the night watchman used to carry a lantern. In the 1800’s the name started to apply to turnip lanterns. These were carved to have a face and a candle was lit inside them. Children carried them while knocking on the doors and asking for soul cakes to commemorate the dead.

There is also the story of Stingy Jack, a roguish Irishman who managed to trick the devil into guaranteeing he would not go to hell for his sins. When he died he found that his deeds had barred him from heaven. He went down to hell and hammered on the door but the devil would not let him in due to their agreement. The devil gave him a lump of burning coal to light his way though purgatory. He carried this in a turnip lantern.

Do you carve a pumpkin at Halloween?

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