Christmas Lights

December 5, 2014

Over the last few days I have noticed that houses have been putting up their Christmas lights. I love walking down the street and looking at the different styles. Some houses have a subtle set of icicle lights, others have put lights on the trees in the garden and some have reindeer and other Christmas lights in their windows. As soon as it gets dark it all looks very magical and festive.

There are a couple of houses at the bottom of the street that are obviously very competitive when it comes to Christmas. They are always festooned in lights, lights in every window and strung across the roof. Their gardens are full of giant inflatable snowmen and Santa Claus with a couple of illuminated reindeer for good measure. It must take them ages to put up all the decorations. I am not sure how they manage to get the lights onto the roof safely. The houses look fabulous and children are fascinated by the lights as they walk past.

I always wonder what the best time is to start getting out the Christmas decorations. I don’t like to put them up to early as if you have them up too long it takes away the magic. I usually get mine out a couple of weeks before Christmas. Normally we just decorate the inside of the house, putting up a Christmas tree and some tinsel. Lots of my decorations bring back memories, I have baubles on the tree that my son made when he was at nursery school. I love unpacking the decorations and remembering Christmas in those years. Recently I have been wondering about putting lights outside. I always thought it would be hard to run electric cables though windows but the selection of Christmas lights from LEDHut are helping me to change my mind. They have a great selection of indoor and outdoor lights. Recently they sent me a window comet light to try.

Window comet lightI rather fancied the idea of having a star in my window to lead the family home. The first thing I noticed about the light is that it is powered by batteries so I don’t need to find a plug to use. This makes it really versatile, I can hang it in any window or on any wall I choose. I can even put it in the Christmas tree. There is a small hook at the top of the light which makes it easy to hang.

Comet window lightWhen lit up it glows with a soft white glow, illuminated from the LEDs inside it.  It looks really effective and pretty.  I love the golden glow and it is the perfect Christmas light for me. I haven’t quite decided where I am going to hang it yet. I suspect it may well go in the front window so that people can admire it as they walk past. It might also hang on the living room wall so that I can admire it.

Window comet lightI think I might have to get the rest of my Christmas decorations out this weekend and add some festive sparkle to the house to match the light. Have you unpacked your decorations yet?

I was sent the Christmas light in return for an honest review.


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  1. Sometimes I wished we went all out with lights like the do in the States. But some do go over the top!

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