Christmas gifts your dog will love

December 6, 2017
Dog toys

These Christmas gifts your dog will love will make your hound feel special this Christmas. Why not wrap them up so he has the excitement of unwrapping them?

If you have a dog then it is very much part of the family. While you are unwrapping gifts you want them to be able to enjoy the excitement of opening presents. You also want to treat them to a Christmas dinner without them becoming ill. A lot of the things that we eat can be harmful for dogs. Make sure they are safe by only feeding them dog food and treats and keep them well away from Christmas chocolates.

I love to treat my dog, Eddie, at Christmas. A new toy is always a great source of excitement and he is always happy to try a new dog treat. Having put together a gift guide for women and a gift guide for men, I have now put together a gift guide for dogs. This will help you find the perfect gift for your dog.

Christmas gifts your dog will love

Dog Toys and Treats from Webbox

Webbox have a great range of both dog toys and treats that your dog will love. These are all available in Morrisons, independent pet stores and also online at

Doy toys

Dog toys

From left to right:

Dog Treats

We all love a treat at Christmas. From mince pies to savoury snacks it is a time to indulge with the family. Why should your dog miss out? Get him some of these festive treats this Christmas and spoil him. Webbox have a great range that will suit even the fussiest pet.
Christmas dog treats

From left to right:

Christmas dog treats

From left to right:

Christmas dog treats

From left to right:

Canagan Dog Food

Canagan dog food is grain free dog food which comes in a range of both wet and dried varieties. The aim of Canagan food is to be as close as possible to the food your dog would eat naturally. It has a much higher meat content than many foods on the market today.

My dog has tried Canagan dried dog food before and really likes it. The wet dog food is just as good quality made from organic vegetables and fresh meat. A large range of flavours are available so you can find the perfect treat for your dogs Christmas dinner. Canagan also do cat food so you can treat your cat as well.

Canagan dog food

Canagan cat food

Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar

Bioflow offer a range of magnetic therapy collars for dogs. There are powerful magnets in the collar which help to relieve aches and pains. If your dog is slowing down or getting older the collar may be a way help them. The collar can’t be attached to a lead so needs to be worn in addition to a normal collar. RRP £24.95


Bioflow dog collar


Are you planning on getting your dog something for Christmas? Do you dress your dog in a festive costume? Let me know below.

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