Chocolate Pizza! What else needs to be said?

May 16, 2012

First, there was chocolate.  Then, there was pizza.  Now… there is CHOCOLATE PIZZA! Some one has come up with the brilliant idea of making a pizza out of chocolate and selling it as a gift idea. When Prezzybox asked me if I wanted to review a chocolate pizza I jumped at the chance. I thought it would make an excellent idea for a Father’s Day gift and wanted to try it out. I always have problems picking gifts for my dad and this struck me as something that was a little bit unusual.

I was sent the 7″ Crunchy Munchy Pizza which is described as a chocolate taste explosion.

Chocolate Pizza Prezzy boxThe pizza arrived in a stylish cardboard box, just like a real pizza. I loved the fact that it had “the gourmet chocolate pizza company” on the label and the ingredients were described on the inset label. It made the pizza experience a little bit more authentic. Opening the box I found the pizza.

Chocolate PizzaIt is wrapped in red tissue paper and carefully protected with a plastic cover so that it does not get damaged during transportation.  It is also easy to wrap back up and store in the box in the fridge, assuming that you do not demolish it all in one go. It does have a shelf life of 6 months so you can keep it and stare at it lovingly for a while. The pizza is pre-cut into eight slices just like a real pizza. It also means you do not have problems trying to cut it into slices yourself, you can just grab one from the box and eat it.

The crunchy munchy pizza consists of a Belgium chocolate base. Loving placed on top of the slices you will find creamy vanilla fudge pieces, crunchy chocolate brownie biscuit and white chocolate curls. Just to tantalise you, here is a close up picture of one of the slices:

Chocolate pizzaThis slice shows the fudge pieces but not the brownie biscuit. I shared out the pizza with the family so that we could all review it, although I must admit that I was rather tempted to hide it away and keep it for myself. The pizza is absolutely gorgeous. The Belgium chocolate tastes very luxurious and is perfectly complemented by the white chocolate curls on the top which add a touch of texture. The vanilla fudge pieces add a lovely sweeter taste and the brownie pieces are very crunchy but exquisite. Each slice is the perfect size for a chocolate treat and it is very rich so you are not tempted to eat it all at once. (Well you are, but one slice is definitely a treat). The chocolate pizza got a thumbs up from my son and my husband as well, they both loved it.

If you have man that you find it difficult to get presents for he will definitely love this for Fathers day. It would also make a great birthday or Christmas gift as well as it is unique and unusual.

RRP £12.95

For more information visit Prezzybox

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Yum, looks gorgeous !

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