Chicken Tonight Sicilian Inspired Sauce Review

October 3, 2012

Recently I have been trying out Chicken Tonight and their range of cooking sauces. Chicken Tonight have recently revamped their range and the flavours are new and improved. I had not realised that they actually did a Chicken Tonight Sicilian Inspired Sauce so I made a beeline for this one. I wanted to try this as a Sicilian Inspired Sauce with Pecorino cheese & basil as it sounded really tasty. I love Italian inspired dishes anyway and this sounded a little bit different from the normal flavours.

Chicken tonight sauce

There are two ways you can use the sauce. You can either cook the chicken in a pan and add the sauce or you can put it in a casserole dish in the oven and leave it to cook.  I decided to make it in a pan this time as I had never tried doing this with Chicken Tonight. It was simple enough, I browned some onions and mushrooms then added the chicken. When that was brown I added the sauce. The sauce had a lovely tomato colour and a nice smell. It didn’t take long until the chicken was cooked though and I served the dish with savoury rice.

Chicken tonight

>I have to report it tasted delicious. The sauce had a nice tomato flavour but you could taste the cheese in the background which mellowed the sauce. It did not taste at all artificial and tasted as if I had made it myself.  I loved this sauce and would try it again. My husband and son loved it as well which was good. Best of all it did not take long to make, the meal was ready in half an hour which is great if you need to cook after coming in from work.

chicken tonight sauce

You can find more information about the Chicken Tonight Sauce range on their website.

Disclosure: I was sent the sauce to try but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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