Soup recipes

Halloween Pumpkin Soup

In case you haven’t noticed Halloween is on the way, time to get creative and start carving pumpkins to put in the window.  The origins of carving faces into pumpkins is lost in time. As…

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Simple Tomato Soup Recipe

There is something simple and comforting about tomato soup. A steaming dish of red tomato soup placed in front of you makes you feel that the world has been set to rights. It is a…

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Potato Soup Recipe

The last few days it has felt like Autumn has arrived. The morning starts with fog, wrapping it’s tendrils hazily around the trees and smudging the street lights making them glow mysteriously in the early…

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Goulash Soup

I love taking part in the ReadCookEat Challenge, when you are reading you are on the look out for recipes to recreate. You never know what dishes you might come across and how out of…

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Butternut Squash Soup

Recently I have been seeing different recipes for Butternut Squash appear on a number of blogs. I have to admit butternut squash is not a vegetable I use very often, the strange shape it has…

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