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Toys and Game Reviews

OiDroids Review

Have you ever dreamed of having a robot army to take over the world? OiDroids might be just the thing you have been looking for. OiDroids are new collectable trading cards aimed at Primary School…

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My Living World – Spider World Review

Spider World allows you to catch a spider and keep it giving you a fascinating insight into the life of a spider. I am one of those strange people that likes spiders. It is just…

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Wild Science Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Review

Wild Science Hyper Launcher Rocket Ball Factory is aimed at boys aged 8 -12 and aims to teach them about energy collisions and energy blasters. The idea is that the boys use the kit to…

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Elite CommandAR Game Review

Elite CommandAR is an augmented reality game from AppGear. Augmented reality aims to combine the real world with the virtual world. In Elite CommandAR a toy gun is combined with a phone and you scan…

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Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet Review

All boys love building things and my son is no exception to that. When we were offered the chance to review the Technokit Rivetz Giant Hornet we had to give it a go. For a…

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