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Toys and Game Reviews

Solar Car Science Kit Review

Science is one of those subjects that everyone should take an interest in. After all it helps describe how our world works. I am a great fan of Science Kits, they introduce Science to children…

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Making a Home For a Rivetz Pterodactyl

Imagine if you were asked to give a Pterodactyl a home? My first thoughts were how could I feed it which was closely followed by would it eat the dog? I then wondered what the…

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Just In Time Board Game Review

My family love playing board games, in fact there is nothing better than a board game night with snacks. It always gets very competitive with everyone trying to win. A while ago I reviewed Indigo…

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Castles Of Burgundy Board Game Review

Have you ever wanted to own an estate in Burgundy? The Castles of Burgundy board game from Ravensburger allows you to do just that. It is a strategy game which is set in the Loire…

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Ravensburger Indigo Board Game Review

I love playing board games with the family. We often get out the snacks and have a board game night. It all gets very competitive with everyone wanting to win. I was very pleased when…

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