Dog product reviews

Pedigree Light Complete Dog Food with chicken

Pedigree light complete dog food with chicken is a dog food which is low in fat. Pedigree dry food is designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity. My dog,…

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Pawsomebox – a subscription box for dogs

I love treating my dog Eddie and recently was asked if he wanted to try a Pawsomebox. A Pawsomebox is a subscription box for dogs that contains treats and other items. I love the name,…

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Five ways to play with your dog

How much time a day do you spend playing with your pet? Do you spend at least fifteen minutes playing with them every day? There are many benefits to playing with your dog. A dog…

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Long summer walks with my dog

On a warm day there is nothing I like more than taking long summer walks with my dog. My dog, Eddie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets really excited about his walks. He will sit…

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Independent Dog Food from Costcutter

Eddie, my cavalier King Charles spaniel can be a bit of a diva. He thinks the members of the house are there to do his bidding. He has a habit of standing by the back…

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