Dog product reviews

Actif Pets Flax Oil For Dogs

Actif Pets flax oil for dogs is a natural supplement that helps dogs with stiff joints or itchy skin. My dog has recently been trying it out. I was sent the Actif Pets Flax oil…

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A dog day in the life of Eddie, the King Charles Spaniel

Have you ever wondered what your dog gets up to all day? My dog has taken over my blog to share the details of a day in his life. Woof! Can you see my owner?…

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My Pet Story with PetPlan

Do you have a pet? If you do you will have a pet story. A story about how much they enrich your life. Read on to find out my pet story about my dog, Eddie.…

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Webbox Natural Range Dog Food

The Webbox Natural Range dog food is dog food made from all natural ingredients. It is full of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs to create a healthy dog food your pet will love. My dog…

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Freshpet Dog Food Review

Freshpet dog food is dog food made from fresh ingredients to give your dog the best food possible. It is similar to giving your dog a home cooked meal. You can find it in the…

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