Canagan Grain Free Dog Food Review

December 30, 2012

My dog, Eddie, was very excited to be asked to review some Canagan Grain Free Dog Food recently. He was excited because it is billed as “The Food of Their Ancestors”. Canagan is actually the ancient celtic word for wolf and Canagan Grain Free Dog Food is meant the original diet of grey wolves. As dogs are descendants from wolves this seems sensible, My dog, a King Charles Spaniel, was more than flattered to be compared to a wolf.
Canagan Grain Free Dog Food

I didn’t realise that it is advisable to switch a dog to a grain free diet, but apparently dogs and other carnivores do not have an enzyme called amylaze in their saliva which is used to help break down grains like corn, wheat and barley. Some dogs can even be allergic to grains.Canagan dog food is developed to match the diet that dogs would get in the wild, mainly meat and some fruit and vegetables. This is meant to make your dog healthier and be more nutritious.

The Canagan dog food comes in a large 12 kg bag. There are three flavours, Free Run Chicken, Scottish Salmon and Country Game. My dog tried the Country Game.

When I opened the bag there was quite a meaty smell. The food itself is little dried pellets so it is easy to scoop out into a bowl.

Canagan dog food

I poured it out and left it out for my dog Eddie to eat and he literally wolfed it down.

Canagan dog food

I did notice that he did not seem to eat as much of the Canagan Dog Food as he would his normal food. It seems that this food fills him up more quickly as he always rushes over to eat it when I put it out for him. Interestingly instead of grain Canagan Dog Food contains sweet potato. I would never have thought of giving a dog sweet potato but apparently it is a treat for them. It is also a slow release carbohydrate which keeps them fuller for longer, which could explain why Eddie is not eating as much.

I received my bag of Canagan from Pets Corner. They offer a 100% guarantee in store so you can return the bag for a refund if you are not happy with it.   Canagan Dog food is  RRP :  £11.99 for 2kg bag, £31.49 for 6kg bag and £58.99 for 12kg bag.

Disclosure: I was sent a bag of dog food to do an honest review but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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