Buzzing About Vaseline Queen Bee

November 21, 2014

In the winter I always find that my lips tend to feel really dry. The cold chilly weather does not help, it makes them dryer and more chapped. I always have a tin of Vaseline in my bag as I find that it is really soothing for dry lips and was delighted to learn that Vaseline have bought out a limited edition, just in time for the party season, Vaseline Queen Bee. It is an indulgent honey scented lip therapy that comes in a smart black and gold tin. Definitely a tin that will be a talking point when you pull it out of your handbag. Vaseline Queen BeeWhen opened the tin reveals a honeylicious lip balm that smells gorgeous and really feels soft and soothing on the lips. Vaseline Queen Bee will  bring out the Queen Bee in you, ready to party and rule the hive. Vaseline products are great for the winter, I have also tried Vaseline Intensive Rescue Products which are great for dry skin.

Vaseline Queen BeeTo celebrate the limited edition Vaseline Queen Bee I was challenged, along with some other bloggers to decorate my own Queen Bee and show what I would look like if I was a Queen Bee. I was sent a stencil and a load of craft stuff to carry out this task. I must admit I am not an artist but I got busy, painting, sticking and adding glitter in the quest to create my bee. It was a labour of love and I finally created a rather girly glam looking bee.

Queen BeeYou can’t quite see in the photo but the bee has black jewels along her black stripes which definitely add a touch of glamour. She has girly blue eyes and shimmery green wings. The background had to be purple, as well as being a royal colour it matches my dragon. I added glitter to finish the shimmery effect. I had great fun creating my bee, it is a long time since I coloured anything in, and was pleased with the finished look. I would love to know what you think of my effort.

I was sent a craft kit, a bee stencil and some Vaseline Queen Bee in order to create my bee.




4 responses to “Buzzing About Vaseline Queen Bee”

  1. I am obsessed with vaseline lip balm. I think I have about 7 different ones open at the moment, but I haven’t seen this one.

  2. Penny A Residence and Parentshaped says:

    Love the packaging and your Queen Bee design – very glamorous. Crafting as a grown so much fun too I think 🙂

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