Braun Face Beauty Edition: Epilator and Cleanser

February 11, 2015

Braun have recently launched the Braun Face Beauty Edition which allows you to both deep clean your pores and remove unwanted hair with one handy tool. Luckily there is no chance of getting your cleansing and epilation routines muddled up, the tool has interchangeable heads so you can choose the correct one for the job. As I get older I am finding that my skin is starting to show signs of age, and I am doing all I can to counteract this. I have always looked after my skin with a cleansing and moisturising routine but wanted to find out what this tool could add to my beauty regimen.      

Braun FaceJessica Alba is the face behind the Bruan Face and claims the gadget makes her confident enough to step outside make up free. In my case it is more of a surprise if I step outside with make up but I am always looking for ways to improve my skin.

Inside the box

On opening the box I found that the Braun Beauty Face is a nice size,  quite compact. It runs off one AA battery which is included in the box. You do need a coin to open the battery compartment located on the bottom of the gadget but once you find one the battery slots in easily.

Braun FaceThe gadget itself has two interchangeable heads and the epilation tool has a protective cover. There is also a little brush for cleaning the gadget.  The heads slot on and off with ease and click firmly into place.

Braun faceA nice touch is the handy carrying pouch for storing the Braun face in. This is a really nice soft bag which is big enough to hold everything and seems waterproof. It would make it easy to take the gadget away if you were going anywhere. Also included is a pocket mirror with a light.

Braun FaceThe mirror is a magnifying mirror which makes it really easy to see stray hairs. It is also a bit scary looking into it and seeing your skin close up, but that is another story.

Braun face

Epilation Tool

Epilation is not something I have ever tried before and I was a bit scared it would be painful. The tiny epilator is designed for tidying up eyebrows or removing unwanted facial hair on the upper lip or chin. It can remove hair 200 times faster than manual tweezing which is pretty impressive. The process itself was not painful, there was a gentle tapping motion and that was it. It was really easy to use.  The tool promises up to four weeks of smooth hair free skin which means it does not need to be used that often.

Braun FaceCleansing Brush

Braun Face cleansing brushThe cleansing brush is meant to work 6 x better than manual cleansing and will give you a smoother, fresher and more flawless complexion. Having sensitive skin I was a bit worried that the brush would be rough but the action was really gentle and you can change the brush direction using the button. It exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and allows the skin to rejuvenate. After use my face felt much smoother and cleaner than with my normal cleansing routine. The Braun Face is waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you wish. Having been using this for a while now I can definitely see an improvement in my skin.

I really like the Braun face and it is now an established part of my beauty routine along with the Braun Satin Hair that helps keep my hair frizz free.. It is available from Boots RRP £69.99

I was sent the Braun Face in return for an honest review.








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