Brain Noodles Review

June 28, 2012

Brain Noodles, what on earth are they? The name itself is intriguing and sounds like something interesting and fun. When I was offered the chance to review Brain Noodles, the new craft kit from Paul Lamond Games, I really had to find out what they were. Brain Noodles can be described as giant pipe cleaners that you can use to make fabulous animal models.

Brain NoodlesI was sent the Puppies and Stripes pack to play with, but there are six kits in all. As well as the Puppies and Stripes you can get Kittens, Bugs, Primary and Princess and Frog. Each kit contains 12 giant Noodles (or pipe cleaners) as well as everything you need to accessorise your creation – wiggle eyes, chenille stems, pom poms, craft foam, feathers and stickers. There are also step by step instructions showing you how to create four different models.

Brain NoodlesI gave the kit to my eleven year old son and he got started. He opened the Stripes packet first, I think he was wondering what kind of animals the Stripes pack would include. His first comment on touching the Noodles was they are fluffy. He was right, they are really soft and fluffy to touch. Each Noodle is 18″ long so they are a good size and this makes them easier to use

His first challenge was to make a zebra. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. There is a picture showing every step of the process and you can see exactly how to bend and attach the Noodles to get the result required. If you make a mistake it is very easy to unbend them and try again. The Brain Noodles absorbed him and silence fell as he got to work. He did ask for a little bit of help when he wasn’t clear on something but the majority he did himself. The final result, a zebra.

Brain NoodlesAdmittedly it is a slightly wonky zebra but it is definitely a zebra. A feather provided the mane and normal pipe cleaners were used to make the tail, nice little finishing touches.

Full of enthusiasm at having made a zebra he tackled a tortoise next. This is the finished cute creation.

Brain NoodlesFor this one we really needed some glue to attach the shell to the body, but we could not find any. We managed to tuck the two Noodles together and the tortoise just about manages to keep his shell. It might be worth getting some glue if you intend buying these.

His final effort was a giraffe and this is how it turned out.

Brain NoodlesThis creation is not quite finished as it needs its tail. I think he plans to rework this one a little bit to make the neck longer.

As well as the four animals in the kit you could also unwrap them and create your own models. It would have been nice to have a few extra Noodles in the pack to allow free thinking ideas. That way you could keep the existing models and then go on to make your own. Having said that the Brain Noodles were a big hit and my son thoroughly enjoyed making them. The kit kept him absorbed for a couple of hours. These would make an ideal activity for a rainy afternoon or a way to while away boredom during the summer holidays.

The Brain Noodles are aimed at ages 6+ and they are non-toxic, feature a reinforced core and have no sharp ends so they are safe to use.  They are available RRP: £12.95

You can find more information on the Paul Lamond website

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