Box Appetit Lunch Box Review

April 5, 2012

I always like to take a packed lunch with me to work as it works out cheaper than buying them. I was delighted when Find Me A Gift sent me this lovely Box Appetit Lunch Box to review.

Box Appetit Lunch BoxMy current lunch box is incredibly battered looking and very basic, its just rectangular in shape. This lunch box looked incredibly exciting. It comes with a fork and also has an inner dish and a little sauce pot.

Box Appetit Lunch BoxThe inner container is triangular in shape and has a press on lid. It fits snugly into the lunch box and could be used for storing salad or fruit or whatever takes your fancy. The little saucepot is also triangular and it has a flip top lid. This holds the sauce securely with no leaks.  The shape of the inner containers mean they also fit snugly into the box but leave a gap in the middle for different types of food.

On the lid there is a green catch which has a little gap in it for sliding the fork into. This means your fork does not get messy when carrying the box but also is securely attached so it does not get lost.

Box Appetit Lunch Box

The lid has two white clips at the side, which you press up to open and press down to close. When they are pressed down the lid is held onto the box really tightly and there is no need to worry about it coming off and spilling the contents into your bag. This is brilliant as with the plastic box I used previously I found that the lid had a tendency to come off if I was not careful which resulted in a couple of nasty disasters.

With an exciting looking lunch box like this I had to make an exciting looking lunch to try it out. I decided to have some pasta with a salad and some salad cream.

Box Appetit Lunch Box

It all worked perfectly, the pasta sat nicely in the little triangular container and the salad fitted very nicely in the middle. The portion sizes were ideal for me, it was just perfect for a lunch. It definitely felt very civilised being able to eat my lunch with a fork.

Box Appetiti Lunch Box

When it was all closed up it looked very nice as well. The box also works well for sandwiches. You can fit two in next to each other with a bit of space for some salad. I did find the sandwiches did not fit in the inner box which would have been ideal but it worked well without the inner containers.

It is worth noting that the box and the containers are microwave and dishwasher safe. If you wanted a hot meal you could have different foods in the separate dishes and heat them up. This is an option that I will definitely be exploring when it gets colder. The lid also has a round area inside which you can pour your sauce into and use for dipping your food into.

I loved this lunch box and will definitely be using it again and again. My son was rather jealous and asked if he could use it sometimes. I think I may have to invest in another one for him for the summer holidays.

RRP £14.99

For more information visit Find Me A Gift

5 responses to “Box Appetit Lunch Box Review”

  1. If you’re looking for lots of lunch box recipe ideas then do take a look at our Lunchbox World blog xxx

  2. Splodz says:

    That’s a nice little lunch box (and a nice looking lunch!). Really must get in the habit of making packups again, cheaper and better for me than shop bought rubbish. Goes on the list!

  3. A Munns says:

    Hate to say this but as much as I too was excited when I first bought this lunchbox it leaks after a few days. I have returned it twice already for a replacement and alas… Still leaks after a few days. Heat is not an issue as it was never placed in a microwave. To make it worse today the clip broke as it completely came off the side of the lunch box

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