Border Biscuits Big Baking Bonanza

June 4, 2015

A little while ago I received some exciting news and I can now share it with you. Border Biscuits have chosen me to be one of their judges in the Big Baking Bonanza. This is a national competition searching for the best biscuit recipe in Great Britain. The Big Baking Bonanza is open to amateur bakers who are being asked to create and submit their recipe. The winning recipe will be created by Border Biscuits and go on sale in Asda as a new limited edition product. The winner will also receive £2000. The competition is open until the 13th June so you still have time to submit your recipe.

Border Biscuits Baking BonanzaI am one of four judges and am looking forward to making and trying out the biscuit recipes. I will be sharing my progress with you. The other judges are Britt Whyatt from She Who Bakes, Paula MacGregor from Bake, Lift, Eat, Repeat and last years winner Emma McBurney.  In honour of the occasion I have gathered together eight inspired biscuit recipes from around the web to give you ideas in case you want to enter the competition. Why not get baking this weekend?

Eight Inspired Biscuit Recipes


Lemon and sultana biscuits

Lemon and Sultana Biscuits

Brownie Cookies by Madhouse Family Reviews

Brownie Cookies

Image Credit: Madhouse Family Reviews

Marigold and orange shortbread

Marigold biscuits.Molasses Cookies by Chez Maximka

Molasses cookies

Image Credit: Chez Maximka

Shortbread Biscuits by ET Speaks From Home

Shortbread biscuits

Image Credit: ET Speaks From Home

Treacle Bites by Farmersgirl Kitchen

treacle bites

Image Credit: Farmersgirl Kitchen

Linzertorte Biscuits

Linzertorte BiscuitsRainbow Viennese Biscuits by Modern Family Baking

viennese biscuits

Image Credit: Modern Family Baking

Hopefully these biscuit ideas have given you some inspiration to enter the competition.

8 responses to “Border Biscuits Big Baking Bonanza”

  1. Galina V says:

    Oh, what a spread, I’m ravenous now. Thank you for including me in the round-up, and big well done on being chosen as a judge, that’s fantastic!

  2. What a fantastic opportunity – I hope you are involved with tasting!

  3. Janice says:

    Congratulations on being a judge. I love Border Biscuits and will check out the competition. Thanks for sharing my recipe.

  4. tanya says:

    How fun it will be to be a judge!! Congrats 🙂

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