Boots for Men

January 16, 2013

This week the snow has arrived again, we woke up to find a good couple of inches on the ground the other morning. In weather like this you need decent shoes and my husband mentioned that he did not have a decent pair of boots that he could use in the snow.

There is nothing worse than trying to walk on ice and ending up falling. I did that while walking the dog the other day. I tried to climb up a bank and elegantly fell backwards onto my bottom. The dog did not care, he ran off at great speed. Luckily someone caught him and I was ok. I am sure that I must have looked quite funny. As well as stopping you falling good boots keep your feet dry. I hate having cold wet toes on snowy days.

I decided to have a look and see what I might be able to get for him. I wanted to get something warm rugged and comfortable that could be worn anywhere. My personal taste is for buckles and studs but my husband is a bit more conservative so I tried to find shoes that would suit his taste. My first choice were these Casual Attitude Calinco boots. I think these look incredibly rugged and the sole looks non-slip.

boots for men

They look tough but do not look like walking boots so could be worn with anything. I think these would be perfect for the snow.

My second choice was these Sketchers 62971 boots:
boots for men
These have a very rugged look and feel but they also look nice. I like the way the rubber at the bottom has a pattern, it gives them a slightly unusual look. These would definitely keep your toes warm and the sole is non-slip so you will not fall easily.

My final choice was something a bit more dressy, these Ben Sherman Linden Brogue Boots.

boots for men

I loved the style of these, they are a lot more trendy but the soles still look like they will have a good grip. They are much more of a city boot that a stomping around the country side in the snow sort of boot.

I wonder if my husband will like any of these choices or if he will choose something completely different. It is so hard to pick things for someone else.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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