Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste Review

September 6, 2012

Blue Dragon Green Thai Curry PasteThe other day I was looking for something a little bit different to make for dinner and I found this jar of Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste. I was surprised to find that Blue Dragon make Thai Curry Paste as I had not actually seen this on the shelves previously. It did seem a suitably different choice for dinner so I gave it a go.

There are some instructions on how to use the Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste on the jar. It was simple enough to do, I took some onions and mushrooms and cooked them in some oil until they were soft. I then added some chopped up chicken breast which I browned slightly before adding in about four dessert spoonfuls of the Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste.  The recipe then called for a can of coconut milk to be added as well. Luckily Blue Dragon came to the rescue again, I found a can of their coconut milk and added this to the curry.

Blue Dragon Coconut MilkI let it simmer for a little while and then decided to get very adventurous and add a little touch of Blue Dragon Fish Sauce.

Blue DragonI had not heard of Fish Sauce before but apparently it is used in Thai cooking instead of salt. Apparently it also makes a nice salad dressing but I have to try this. I just added a little splash to my curry. At this point the curry was starting to look and smell really nice so I dished up and served it to my family. This was the end result.

Blue Dragon Thai Green CurryThe Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry was actually really nice. It was mellow and delicious to start with but it has a hidden spicy kick that grabs you at the end of a mouthful. It is hot but not too hot and spicy to eat. I really enjoyed it and my husband did as well. My son was not quite as keen but he is not a great lover of spicy food. He did manage to eat it all though so the spice did not stop him enjoying the meal. It made a nice change and I would definitely make Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry again.

You can find Blue Dragon products in most supermarkets. You can find more information about their products on the Blue Dragon website

Disclosure: I was sent some Blue Dragon products from their range to try but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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