Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

August 21, 2011

This is the first book in a series of three written by Lee Carroll, which is the pseudonym for a writing team of award-winning novelist Carol Goodman and her poet husband Lee Slonimsky. It is a dark and compelling urban fantasy, centred around  Garet James.

Garet is a New York jeweller who was given a signet ring of a black swan by her mother who is dead. She developed a fascination with signet rings and now makes a career making medallions from them.  As a result she is always on the lookout for new rings to use in her work. One day she gets caught in an extreme downpour and stumbles into a very strange antiques shop. The owner, John Dee, reveals he knows her work and presses her to open a strange silver box for him. The box is sealed with the same symbol of a swan that was on the ring her mother gave her. Garet takes the box to open later with a promise to bring it back the next day, however once the box is open a series of events is set into motion which reveals Garet’s destiny. When she tries to return the box to the shop, it is as if it has never been there.

Garet is now viewing the world with different eyes and it is a world that contains vampires, fey and demons attempting to take over the world. She need to save it from the demons of Despair and Dischord before they gain their full powers and are unleashed forever. In the real world the art gallery that is owned by Garet and her father is facing problems, and when thieves break in and steal paintings her father is hurt, leaving Garet with these worries to deal with as well.

The book grips you from the very start and you are drawn into Garet’s world and the book moves at a fast past. Garet needs to discover more about her past and her ancestors, before its too late. She is aided on her journey by a number of interesting characters who help her develop her powers to the full.  You really feel you are standing by Garet’s shoulder watching her actions and you get really involved in the book, wanting to read on to find out what happens next.

I was sent this book to review by Transworld books as I am part of their bloggers book group.

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