Big Questions From Little People Book Review

January 11, 2013

If your children are like mine they are always asking you questions. “Why is the sky blue?”,”Why does Bob Marley make reggae reggae sauce when he’s a singer”, “Why does it rain?”. Sometimes I have the answer, other times I have to look it up and on other occasions I get completely confused. I am still not sure my son realises Levi Roots and Bob Marley are different. At times like this you need an expert and this is where the book Big Questions From Little People comes in.

Big questions for little people

Gemma Elwin Harris was inspired by the questions she was asked by her son and her nieces and decided to get some experts to answer children’s questions. She collected questions from Primary school children aged four to twelve then went and found the right expert to answer them.  The questions are totally random and on a variety of different subjects, “Why does the moon shine?”, “What is the internet for?”.  You will find questions on biology, physics, space, animals, history and many other things. The experts who answer the questions include Sir David Attenbrough, David Crystal, Jessica Ennis, Philip Pullman, Annabel Karmel, Derren Brown and Bear Grylls.

Even though the answers are written by experts, they are answered in a way that a child can understand. There are some black and white diagrams though out the book which break the text into smaller chunks. Most of the answers are a couple of pages long which makes this an ideal book for picking up and dipping into. There is a clear index which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

It is a lovely book to have on your book shelf and makes fascinating reading. My son has enjoyed reading it as well and I often find him dipping into it. It is probably best for more confident readers of around 8 and over, but would make a great book to read with younger children.

The great thing about this book is that when you buy it you are also making a donation to the NSPCC. Half of the royalties from this book are going to this charity. Big Questions From Little people is published by Faber and is available in all good bookshops.

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2 responses to “Big Questions From Little People Book Review”

  1. cathyj says:

    wow what a great book, wish it was available when my daughter was younger, brilliant review x

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