Before You Bring A Dog Home, Ask Yourself These Key Questions

December 10, 2019

Bringing a dog into your home can be a great choice. However, it’s important to be aware of the challenges that will come with your new furry friend. This certainly isn’t a decision that you should take lightly. So, let’s explore some of the key concerns that you must keep in mind. 

How Much Will They Cost?

Yes, a dog is expensive and it’s important that your new puppy pal is going to fit into your budget. You don’t want to have to give them up because you were unable to afford them in the first place. 

So, what costs will you need to deal with? Well, let’s start with insurance. This is a monthly fee and it can range anywhere around 50 per month. When you choose your insurance, do make sure that you know what is covered in the plan and what isn’t. If you fail to do this, then you could end up with some unexpected costs.

Sometimes, you may need to borrow to cover the expenses of your puppy for medical treatment. That’s why it’s important to know the reputable services available like loans from New Horizons. A solution like this will ensure that you can get the money you need fast. 

The other main cost is food and if you are worried about the expense, opt for a smaller dog. They eat less and therefore will cost you a little less money in this area.

What About The Time?

It’s important to be aware that most dogs are highly sociable animals. Ultimately, this means that they love interacting with humans and don’t like to be left alone for long periods. Some dog breeds are more solitary than others. 

So, if you and the rest of the family do live a busy schedule, then you should think about opting for one of these pets. Alternatively, you can get two dogs so that they can keep each other company at times when you are not available. 

Ideally, you should be making about an hour in your day where you will be able to exercise and play with your dog. There should also be a couple other hours dedicated to quality time, even if it’s just to give them strokes and cuddles. 

Have you thought about maintenance?

Finally, another reason people give up their dogs is that they are not prepared for maintenance. Believe it or not, dogs do require quite a lot of maintenance. There’s no real way around this. The main issue here is the fur because most dogs will shed a lot throughout the year. You’ll need to make sure that you’re ready to invest in a quality pet vacuum and use it regularly. 

Some dogs will also require regular trips to the groomers. This is another way that the expense of your pet pooch can begin to build over time. You definitely need to research the breed you have chosen and read up about the level of care that they do require to keep them healthy, clean and well-groomed. 

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