BarkBeats – A Subsciption Box for Dogs

February 13, 2016

Barkbeats is a subscription box for dogs with a range of toys and treats that is sent out once a month. Why not treat your dog?

Have you noticed that loads of new subscription boxes are launching? Mostly they seem to be food boxes, the idea being you pay a monthly fee and a box is delivered once a month that contains a range of different products.

. Recently I was contacted by BarkBeats, a subscription box for dogs.  They wondered if my dog, Eddie, would like to try a box. I love spoiling Eddie, he looks at you with those big brown eyes and you know he deserves a treat. I knew he would be very excited to get a parcel just for him.

Barkbeats subscription box for dogs

The way it works is simple. You tell BarkBeats the size of your dog, small, medium or large. They create a box which contains five or six different products that your dog will love. The products are full size and from quality brands. You then choose a subscription that suits you, one month, six months or a year. You then wait for your dog to get a surprise in the post. All the plans come with free shipping. For a small dog box, one month costs £19.99, six months costs £14 a month and twelve months costs £13 a month.

Barkbeats subscription box

When I opened the box Eddie got very excited, wagging his tail, woofing and running around excitedly to try and see what was inside. I can only think he must have smelled the treats though the paper, spaniels are known for their keen sense of smell. With Valentine’s Day approaching the box had a Valentines theme. A heart full of love for Eddie to drink from, a gem to chase around and some lovely gourmet treats. There were five items in the box in total.

Barkbeats subscription box

So what was in the box?

Barkbeats box
There was a Georplast Plastic bowl in a heart shape. It is easy to clean as it goes in the dish washer and the centre part lifts out. I am using this for Eddie’s water bowl as it is a nice size. Eddie loves his toys and the Spunky Pup gem was a big hit. As well as bouncing it squeaks and he has great fun chasing it around the room.

Barkbeats subscription box

As well as these two items there were also some packets of treats which Eddie is really enjoying. Pupbake cookies in the shape of a heart, Coachies Training Treats to use as a reward when Eddie is good. The treats are free from artificial colours, favours and added sugar. Finally there was a pack of Stanford biscuits which are great for aiding digestion and strengthening teeth.

Eddie was really excited to get his box and it contained a good range of treats for him. The value of the box comes to roughly £22, which is more than you pay for one box and excellent value if you take out a yearly subscription. Barkbeats also give 10% of their profit to animal charity programmes which has to be a good thing.

Barkbeats Discount Code

I am delighted to tell you I have teamed up with BarkBeats and can offer you a 50% discount on your first BarkBeats box.  To order your box go to BarkBeats and use the code: Dragons50 when you order. The code is valid until August 2016.

Barkbeats box

Have you ever signed up to a subscription box? What did you think?

9 responses to “BarkBeats – A Subsciption Box for Dogs”

  1. Maxine says:

    Oh wow. I didn’t know you could get subscription boxes for dogs! This is amazing and I’m sure my labrador would love this! P.S Eddie is soooooooo cute. x

  2. Good grief what will they think of next? Saying that the products look good quality, and I like how they have linked the poack to Valentines.

  3. Awwh, his little face – so cute! He certainly looks very happy with everything in the box.

  4. Gorgeous Eddie!! We had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel growing up and a friend had one in the same colouring as Eddie. Spaniels of all variety are generally beautiful doggies. So lovely that the pooch can be pampered!

  5. Ah what a treat – your dog is very good at posing for photos too!

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