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B-Tempted Gluten Free Mini Cake Bites

I was recently sent some Mini Cake Bites from B-Tempted to review. I was really intrigued to try them as I thought the name B-Tempted was brilliant for cakes and I was certainly tempted when I saw them. The fact that they are gluten free was an added bonus. While I do not suffer from  gluten intolerance I know people who do and have found it very hard to buy things that they can eat.  If you suffer from gluten intolerance you must avoid all gluten, otherwise it can cause a very disruptive effect on the digestive system leading to bloating and poor absorption of nutrients. These products are made in a completely gluten free kitchen.

The cake bites come in packs of five and you can get various different flavours, classic brownie, chocolate chip shortbread, blueberry and coconut, dark chocolate and hazelnut, raspberry with white chocolate and pistachio and lemon. I was sent the brownie bites and the chocolate chip shortbread to try and you can see them on the plate above.  The brownie bites are the oval brown ones and the chocolate chip shortbread are in little squares. Unfortunately the shortbread got a little bit squashed in the post which is why a couple of them are a funny shape.

I have to report that they are delicious. A lot of gluten free food does not taste as nice as non-gluten free food but in this case it does that does not apply. The brownie bites are a delicious mouthful of chocolate and really taste rich. The chocolate chip shortbread is sweet and tastes the way shortbread should taste, and the chocolate chips are an added bonus. I served these to the family with a cup of tea in the afternoon and I have to admit I was lucky to get a look in. They disappeared really fast from the plate, which is a definite seal of approval.

I was also interested in the story of how B-Tempted came into being.  The company was set up by Sarah Hilleary who was made redundant from her City job in an investment bank in the eighties. She used this to follow her dream to bake gluten free cakes and has is now a Smarta 100 company. It just shows anything is possible.

You can buy B-Tempted in Harrods, Fortnums and Whole Foods and they are also available to buy online.

You can find more information here: http://www.b-tempted.co.uk/b-tempted_gluten_free/Home.html

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  1. Rhoda
    November 17, 2011 / 1:43 pm

    These look delicious. I’ve forwarded your review on to my Mum who has coeliac disease. It’s great to hear of great GF products. x

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