Autumn Shoes

August 29, 2012

I have been planning to buy myself a pair of shoes for a while now and I was thinking of buying another pair of sandals to add to my collection. I woke up this morning and realised it was nearly Autumn. The mornings are definitely getting darker and there is a chill to the air. I suspect buying sandals or flip flops is probably not a good idea, tempting though it is. I am not quite ready to get out my boots yet. There is something about wearing boots that makes you feel that you have given up on the summer and are expecting bad weather.

As a compromise I had a look at some flat shoes. They allow you to feel there is still a promise of sun but if it rains they protect your feet a little more than sandals. They are also comfortable to wear and walk long distances in.

I fell in love with these Pretty Ballerinas Tapeto shoes.

Pretty Ballerinas TapetaLook at the gold stars, they are enough to make you feel like you are taking a bit of sky with you when you walk. They are almost princess shoes and definitely shoes to make you dream. With these on your feet thoughts of impending Autumn will fade. There is also a cute little bow on the front which adds a bit of detail.

My second choice would be these Regard Ruaba in black.

Regard RuabaThey have a slight wedge heel which makes them look a little different and I love the studded detail on the side. The strap at the top also adds a bit of character and I could happily walk about in these shoes.

My final choice would be these Iron Fist Sugar Hiccup Flat Shoes in black.

Iron Fist Sugar HiccupI really love the brightly coloured skulls. You don’t realise they are skulls at first until you have a second look but they are really eye catching. The leopard print lining is also a nice touch. I would feel rather devilish wearing these and I think they would add a definite statement to any outfit. I suspect I may well be buying these.

What will you be wearing this autumn? I would love to know what you would choose and what you think of my choices.

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