Arcadie Desktop Arcade for iPhone

December 3, 2014

These days most homes have a computer, technology is common place and even a TV can be used to access the internet. When I was young computers were not found in the home. They started to make an appearance in the early eighties with the advent of the ZX81. Games had to be loaded with a cassette tape and it took ages. We were really excited to get a games machine that could be hooked up to the TV and spent ages playing tennis and brick buster, games which consisted of a bat and a ball. When we were on holiday in America we discovered Arcade machines. Our hotel had a number of these machines in the lobby where you could play space invaders and Pac Man. A new addiction was formed, my brothers and I spent lots of our pocket money putting quarters into these machines. There was something exciting trying to clear the space invaders as they dropped from the sky, their beating drums getting louder as they neared. Now technology has got a lot more advanced and games have high quality graphics and are much more involved

When GiffGaff sent me an Arcadie Desktop Arcade for the iPhone and iPod Touch I was quite excited to be able to play some old arcade games again. I was also really interested what my son would think of them.

Arcadie desk top arcadeThe Arcadie is designed specifically for the iPhone 5, 4 and 3GS and the iPod Touch 3, 4 and 5. It is a tiny arcade cabinet with a joy stick and buttons that you slide your iPod or iPhone into allowing you to play arcade games. The games can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, just search Arcadie to find them. There are a range of games available like Blasteroids, Alien Invaders, Ping and Stacker.

ArcadieThere is a button on the  back of the device  allowing you to open it out and insert your iPod or iPhone easily. At the bottom is a  30 pin connector dock to connect your device to the Arcadie. There are two rubber bumpers which rest on your devices screen which protects it whilst it is in the Arcadie device. A couple of springy bumpers hold the device securely in place, these adjust to match the size of the device so it does not move whilst in the Arcadie.

ArcadieThe front of the device has a joystick that moves eight ways and an A and B button. We downloaded Alien Invaders. Once the app starts there is a short calibration period before the game begins and then it is just like being back in the arcade. It is great fun trying to shoot them down and we soon became competitive as a family trying to beat each others high score. The buttons and the joy stick were responsive.

Arcadie desktop arcadeMy son really took to the game and spent ages in front of the screen pew pew pew-ing away. The Arcadie retails for £14.99 so it would make a great gift either for a teenager or for an older person who remembers their youth in amusement arcades.

I was sent the Arcadie in return for an honest review

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  1. Old school games like this are just so much fun. You can’t beat the classics.

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