Alpro Soya Milk Alternatives

July 19, 2011

If you are allergic to milk, you will be aware that dairy is one of those things that people use with everything. In fact it makes having a simple thing like a cup of tea difficult. Growing up in the seventies with my brother who is allergic to milk I was well aware of these issues. My mum tried a variety of different things to get around this issue, of which soya milk was one, and I must admit that in those days it did not go down very well. Fortunately since then, things have moved on and now Alpro offer a great range of soya milk alternatives.

Alpro Soya products offer a range of health benefits. They are made from soya which is a plant, hence they contain a lower amount of saturated fat. Interestingly the soya protein has also been found to lower cholesterol. If you are lactose intolerant, these products are also suitable for you to try. It’s also a good source of calcium and vitamins, which is great if you have a child who is not able to take milk as they can get these valuable nutrients from this instead.

I was recently sent some of these products to review, and I must admit that having not tried them for many years. I was very wary. I did not need to be, the milk products were very close to the real thing.

I was sent three of the milk products to try:

Alpro Plus

Alpro Soya Plus has been enriched with plant stenols to help lower cholesterol. Drinking two glasses of Alpro Soya Plus a day is meant to actively work towards lowering cholesterol levels. This was the first product I tested. I tried it on cereal and to be honest I could not tell any difference from real milk. I gave it to my son on his cereal and he did not notice either. It can be used in the same way as any normal milk product, I also used it in tea and for making cheese sauce and I have to say it was just as good as normal milk.  I would definitely be tempted to switch to using this instead of cows milk due to the health benefits that it offers.

RRP:  £1.35 for 1 litre

Alpro Junior

Alpro Soya Junior Milk has been nutritionally  tailored for children aged 1+ onwards so that they get all the nutrients they need to help them grow. It can be used from age 6 months. It contains extra calories to meet the energy requirements of toddlers, Calcuim and Vitamin D for growing bones and also has been enriched with iron to help brain development.  This again tasted really nice and was it was really difficult to tell the difference from normal milk.

RRP:  £1.35 for 1 litre

Alpro Single

This is a reduced fat alternative to single cream which can be used in exactly the same way as cream, poured over fruit, cakes or added to recipes for a bit of creaminess.  It is very light and creamy but has a definite richness about it. I tried it over fruit and in a salad and I have to say it worked very well in both.

RRP: £.075

I must say I was very impressed with these products, they are certainly nothing like the products I tried as a child. I would definitely seriously consider switching to these for the health benefits they offer.


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