Alphabet Photography Project: A Is For …

May 20, 2014


The sun is shining, the sky is blue, a perfect day to go on an adventure. We walk down country lanes, now lush with new growth. A month ago the verges were bleak, now they are filled with life, butterflies and bees flying around. A snail perched precariously on a leaf, clinging on high over the ground. The birds sing in the trees and the lane is filled with noise. The dog strides out, leading the way, an intrepid explorer into the unknown.

AdventureWho knows what we might find, maybe a rabbit which can be chased until it vanishes into the undergrowth, leaving us wondering where it has vanished to. The stream holds ducks, a pair of them struggling over the weeds, unable to swim until they pass them. Seagulls wheel over head, converging on a heron  who flaps away, stirred from his restful haven by their shrill cries.

AdventureThe undergrowth is alluring, who knows what can be sniffed out? A trail of other dogs and passing creatures, unknown to me but a scent trail for the dog. Many footprints show others have passed this way before, but where are they now? We are alone on the path up the sunlit hill.

At the top we walk though clouds of flies, passing Hawthorn trees in bloom, it must be May.

May TreeAnother dog passes and wary sniffing ensues, they decide to play, running though the grass in a dog version of tag. Soon we go our separate ways, and we continue over the hill looking at the city spread out below. The cranes of the shipyard glow in the sun and the glass windows of the high rises glitter gold in the distance. Soon the walk is over and the dog is back on his lead, his chance to roam free has gone as we pass by roads. He is hot and tired, but happy.

 I am joining in with the Alphabet Photography project over on PodCast, the idea is to have a different photo for every letter of the alphabet and I am looking forward to the challenge.

13 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: A Is For …”

  1. Charly Dove says:

    What a wonderful post, beautifully written and great photos. I was thinking about the change the other day from those dreadful storms a couple of months back to the fabulous weather and of course the joys of Spring! So nice to reflect. Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto and joining in 🙂

  2. ninjacat says:

    awwwh lovely dog he is so cute

  3. Love your post – love the fact that we had the same idea too ! I’ll have to get my thinking cap on for the letter B now ! 🙂

  4. mummiafelice says:

    What a lovely post! I always enjoy seeing your photos but your writing alongside them, really brings them to life. #alphabetphoto

  5. Fab post with great pics too the walk by our local canal is so different now too no muddy puddles and bare trees instead dry fresh grass and colour everywhere

  6. sarah hill wheeler (@hill_wheeler) says:

    I can imagine the two of you on this walk! An adventure indeed, and loving the hawthorn tree on the top of the hill!

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