Alphabet Photography Project: P is for …

September 2, 2014


PondNot far from us there are a variety of ponds. Some of them have been created for educational purposes, with a wooden deck around them allowing children to bring nets and dip to find wildlife. When my son was smaller he went with a net and a jam jar and was excited to find all the different creatures that live in the pond. He found lots of tadpoles, some with just tails and others with legs on the way to becoming a frog. The change is fascinating, we used to keep them in jars when we were little and release the little frogs when they were formed. We would watch carefully each day to see the differences. Pond skaters skimmed across the surface, their feet making little dips in the water as they skate magically across the water, too fast to be caught. Dragonflies dipped and danced in the reeds, pausing in the air for a second and moving away just as you thought you could capture a photo. Iridescent in their colours, greens and blues with shimmering wings. Under the water we could see little fish, swimming together and then apart. Trying to catch them resulted in nets full of dripping weed as they darted away quickly.

As well as the dipping ponds there is a large pond which used to be a quarry. Notices are placed round the edge with the ominous warning, deep water stay back. The pond is home to plenty of birds, swans swim round the edges as if they are on sentry duty and can get aggressive on occasion. Once we were attacked by the swans.. Moor-hens swim quickly across the pond, heads bobbing as if they are in a hurry. Flocks of Canada geese swim placidly across the surface, sometimes stopping at the side to preen and sometimes honking at each other. The sight is peaceful and makes you linger for a while, watching the sun sparkle on the water.

Joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast, why not go and see all the other photos?

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  1. Charly Dove says:

    Oh wow it sounds like such a wonderful place to be. How great to have so many great memories too. Your description of it makes it sound like the most idyllic place in the world. Reminds me of Frensham Little Pond in Surrey we’ve visited but really must explore. We saw a snake there last time! Thanks for sharing and linking up #alphabetphoto

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