Alphabet Photography Project: O is for …

August 20, 2014


CornI walk the dog every day and on the way into the Country Park we pass a farmers field. Every time I pass the field it looks different, it changes with the seasons and the weather and the time of day. Some mornings there are beautiful sunrises in the sky, glowing over the hill, bathing the morning in an orange glow. Other days the sun shines brightly and the birds are singing in their unique voices, the hooo hooo of doves, the raucous crowing of jackdaws and the soft singing of other unseen birds. There are grey rainy days where snails slither across the path and you need to step carefully, avoiding treading on  them as they  turn the path into a sea of shells. Antenna probing as they glide along, I have no idea what they are seeking.

This year the field is full of corn. The crop changes each year, last year it was full of yellow rape flowers, the year before was barley. I watch though the months as the brown soil changes, green shoots grow and the crop gets larger, trying to work out what it is. Eventually the seeds of the plant appear and you can tell. The corn is beautiful, glowing gold in the sunlight, a contrast against the blue of the sky. When the wind blows the stalks start oscillating, a wave of motion following the gusts of the wind. The corn rustles as it moves and occasionally a few little birds fly up from the field. They were perched on the heads of corn, trying to steal a sneaky grain. Once a black labrador’s head appeared from the field, he had run into the corn and got lost. He was jumping up trying to see the way back out, it gave me a surprise.

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9 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: O is for …”

  1. Lovely photo! Reminds me a bit of the headland nearby and like you said, it never looks the same over the season. Looks always different and beautiful 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    We were watching a field of corn in the wind, yesterday. It was like waves. Love it when a field does this. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. Beautiful contrast between the field and the sky – love the different textures and colours. It’s amazing how a country landscape can have such an amazing effect.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! I love watching the wind in the fields. It’s almost liquid, organic – just beautiful 🙂 #AlphabetPhoto

  5. I love the horizontal line and the view! Lovely photo and word too!

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