Alphabet Photography Project: N is for …

August 15, 2014

New Day

SunriseI like to get up early in the morning. I get up, make a cup of tea and catch up on a few things on the computer before I have to get the family up to go to school and get organised to go to work. It is a nice peaceful time, everyone else is asleep and I get some moments that are not interrupted with shouts of “Mam”. The dog follows me down to the kitchen, his claws tapping on the lino and watches while I make some tea. He looks at me hopefully and usually gets a biscuit. When I get up in the Summer it is usually light which makes it easy to see where I am going. I like it when the days get a little shorter and I can watch the sun rise in the morning, heralding the start of a new day.

Every sunrise is different, some bath the sky with dramatic golds and reds announcing the day triumphantly. Some spread a shy pink glow above the sky, like the one above, almost as if the sun is struggling to wake up and is waiting for someone to pull it out of bed. Others glow dramatic pink as if they are painted on the sky, making the landscape look surreal, as if doomsday is about to happen. Some days are a washout, the sun just appears with no colour as if to surprise you. Every morning is a surprise and it is a great way to start a new day.

I am linking up with the Alphabet Photography Project on PODCast, why not pop over and see what everyone has taken pictures of.

M is for ….

L is for …

K is for ..


4 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: N is for …”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful colours in the this photo. The morning sky can be something quite spectacular sometimes!

  2. That’s a lovely photo! I like getting up early too though admittedly I’m not really a morning person 😉 That will all change of course when my daughter starts school this September 🙂 #alphabetphoto.

  3. Lovely photo, I hate getting up early so not a sight I get to see too often! #alphabetphoto

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