Alphabet Photography Project: M is for …

August 8, 2014


MeerkatMeerkat’s, found in the wild wandering the Kalahari desert, have a character all of their own. They wander about in mobs, family groups of about 20. While the family members bask in the sun, groom and forage, at least one stands on guard duty, standing up on its back legs, looking round for signs of danger. If it sees anything it alerts the family with little squeaks so they can run to safety. The guard meerkat needs to scan the skies, eagles and hawks can easily snatch them up into their talons so they need to be careful.

There is something comical about the way they stand peering round, they all seem to stand up and have a peek every so often. It is nice the way they are so protective of each other and work together to help the family survive. Even the father gets involved in parenting the children, teaching them to play and forage. Essentail survival skills they will need to survice the desert. We saw this one recently on a trip to Flamingo Land,we stopped to watch the family group as they foraged in the sun. Lots of people stopped by and sang “Compare the Meerkat” as they watched them. Every so often with a great flurry of squeaks they run into their burrows, a few minutes later emerging warily, looking out of the tunnel and checking to make sure all is clear before they emerge. A passing plane is a cause of great alarm to them, they must think it is an enormous hawk.

It is easy to stand and watch them for a while, their quirky ways causing a smile. Soon we had to leave, taking only a photography as a memory.

Linking up with the Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast, why not pop over and see what everyone else captured for the letter M.

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5 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: M is for …”

  1. Lovely photo, Alison. The meerkats are my favourites. I could watch them for ages. They’re just too cute for words. Thanks for sharing them. All the best, Bonny

  2. 🙂 brilliant photo, these little chaps are so funny #alphabetphoto

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